Dude looks like a lady (sort of)

By Chuck Muth

Dude Looks Like a Lady (Sort Of)

So there’s this guy who wants to be a gal named Mike/Sarah Ashton/Cirillo on social media dishing dirt, rumors and sex gossip about various conservative Republican women in Nevada.
This is the same dude who a few weeks ago claimed to be a Republican Party infiltrator and is now running for Las Vegas city council against embattled Councilwoman Michele Fiore after first announcing he was gonna run against Councilwoman Victoria Seaman.
He seems to have trouble making up his mind. About a lot of things. I could care less that he’s a guy who’s “transgendering” and is obsessed with posting before-and-after selfies of himself on social media. Whatever floats your boat, dude. Live and let live.
But what I DO care about is that he’s a lying piece of schnitzel who’s lashing out at conservative candidates, activists and elected officials in a desperate cry for attention and political relevance.
I wonder if the Biden administration’s still hiring?
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Chuck Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, publisher of Nevada News & Views and blogs at MuthsTruths.com

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