By Comiesha Monica
 Las Vegas Tribune
Walking the Strip may appear easier than it seems until it is time to go and you’re staring at the glaring lights and thousands of people walking towards you. Looking at the oncoming traffic of tourists and locals coming your way can be intimidating. Also, knowing you are unfamiliar with any designated rest stops on the way is like knowing you’re going on a hike with hills wondering where the rest area is before you even get out of the car. However, this cannot stop you. You must go forward and complete the daunting task of pounding the pavement while acknowledging the guilty pleasure of knowing there is a hidden gem of entertainment or newsworthy stone somewhere.
Traveling alone, in this case, can be a little scary and downright risky. At this point, we have been on the Boulevard for a few weeks now and we will not take pleasure in using the “I am a woman” card as an excuse to be scared to walk alone. Keepin mace handy is a must. Due to the drunkards who approach you in the most disgusting way, that feeling can send shivers up your spine that make you want to run back to the car, slam the door, and never attempt this block ever again.
This closed container with its eye-defeating concoction for creep-blinding is a God-send secret always waiting to make a Strip
View debut. Strip Tip 1. Stay ready so you do not have to get ready. Carry a little protection for the Rejection, just in case. Another thing you must know — you have another reason to feel a little safer as you walk. There can be random police patrolling at any given time and they are usually around Planet Hollywood from my observation.
Strip Tip 2. There are men and women out there who will hold conversations with you, not for the reasons you are thinking. They ask you if you want to get a drink later; they entice you with the “it’s on me” freebie, and we all are familiar with at least one reality and that is “nothing in life is free.” Now, we cannot be so judgmental or cynical to believe that one drink cannot be meaningless or harmless, but not from these people where you are the prey. We are talking about the pimps and prostitutes who seek you out to be a part of their suicide squad which leads me to my first encounter. The random “invite” to hang out with her and her friend, just the three of us, was enticing. It is not every day we dress in all black fitted tights and see-through shirts in the middle of the night to get the story, but this is the normal wardrobe for BLAQKAT, so I get it.
Back to the highlight of the story. A little fun may not hurt so the extended offer can be seen as socializing, right? Well, if you do
decide to bite, then read… Strip Tip 3. Watch your cup; never leave it unless you want to end up in some hotel room to wake up with your panties at your ankles having no recollection of the night. Now that is only if you are wearing any, of course. But that is beside the point. This story happened to me and not the part about the panties. The part where the conversation started. We went to have drinks and when we ordered, I ordered a caramel macchiato latte. This was a clear indication that the party
was over before it started for the party-goers.
Strip Tip 4. Order coffee when in doubt! Hey, I was thinking coffee would give me the much-needed energy to handle those two plus people who came my way. Guess we were on different pages though! (Sigh!)
Anyways, nothing exciting happened besides the drunk girl going up the escalator in the opposite direction; the 300-pound guy stripping down, hopping the gate to swim in the cool Fountains of Bellagio—an 8-acre lake of dancing water fountains synchronized to music. What a show, you must see it, although that guy might not be there on the night you come. Oh, and the lines to get to the rooms at Circus-Circus were out  of control by the looks of it. As I passed through the noise of disgruntled tourists, I had to stop and question the madness.
Apparently, they only had two to three elevators out of the eight to ten working on the skyrise side of the Hotel. Now, that was a bummer to watch.
Well, I got to go, but a thought just crossed my mind: “Don’t be a Party Pooper… order your coffee with a little liqueur; it won’t hurt and you might as well live a little.” That’s it and that’s all, until we meet again, see you next week, Deuces!
* * * * *
Comiesha Monica, a.k.a BLAQKAT, can be contacted by phone at (702) 666-5456 or email

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