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Sheriff Lombardo is dreaming to become Nevada Governor
Sheriff Lombardo is dreaming to become next Nevada Governor

Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who is dreaming of being the next governor of Nevada, competing against his friend and current governor, Steve Sisolak, makes many wonder who is in charge of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
During the Raul Moran murder case in Las Vegas Justice Court, Department II, presided over by Justice of the Peace Joseph Scisentos, some very unusual issues took place during a few of the court appearances.
First, the accused killer, Victor Cruz, appeared before Judge Scisentos with his attorney and a friend of the judge, asking for permission to travel to New York to attend a family event and to take off the ankle monitor he was wearing.
Before we continue with the events, it is very important to mention that the law office that represented Victor Cruz is also the law office that represents the Police Union.
Judge Scisentos approved Victor Cruz’s trip to New York and approved the taking off of the ankle monitor, meaning that Cruz was a free man to travel to Mexico or to any other country he desired. Judge Scisentos very ceremoniously ordered the killer, Victor Cruz, to “stay away from your victim, you hear me?”
Outside the courtroom, the family of Raul Moran learned that Judge Scisentos had given Victor Cruz permission to travel out of the
jurisdiction and his sister almost flew into the courtroom and yelled at the judge “My brother is dead and you let him go? Are you crazy, stupid, or what?”
The Chief Deputy District Attorney in the case, an overweight middle-aged female by the name of Shanon Clowers-Sanborn, tried to
calm Raul Moran’s sister, Christy, and the judge pretended that he did not know that Moran was dead and changed his ruling about allowing Cruz to fly to New York.
The judge’s statement begs the question: Was Judge Scisentos aware that the man before him was a stone-cold killer? Had Judge Scisentos presided over the court case without reading what he was charged with or even learning any of the preliminaries of the case? Or worst yet, was Judge Scisentos doing a favor for his friend, the attorney who represents the powerful police union? We’re just asking, no ill will intended, just asking.
The case was later dismissed after Raul Moran was buried in a local cemetery, yet there are other questions that beg to be asked. Because
the prosecutor in the case, a Chief Deputy District Attorney by the name of Shanon Clowers-Sanborn is married to a police detective
assigned to the homicide unit of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, it may be a coincidence or it may be a miscarriage of
justice, but a Deputy District Attorney (Chief or not) with a detective husband in the homicide unit could influence his DA wife to
dismiss a case or two for one of his fellow detectives in the homicide unit, leaving the door open for when he may need another case
And here is where Sheriff Lombardo comes into the picture or on the scene, however anyone might want to characterize the Sheriff’s actions or behavior.
Is Sheriff Lombardo informed on anything and everything his officers do at all times? Is Sheriff Lombardo aware of all the deals his
officers make all the time?
Is Sheriff Joe Lombardo aware that if he cannot handle his own people he cannot handle the whole state of Nevada?
The size of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is comprised of 8,061 square miles to protect a population of 2,204,079 (data from 2017). If Lombardo cannot handle the protection of that small number of residents and perhaps an equal amount of visitors, tourists, and gamblers, plus conventioneers, how can he be expected to manage the whole state of Nevada?
The idea of Joe Lombardo being able to serve and protect the state of Nevada is only a dream in his inquisitive mind, and if he is as
intelligent as he thinks he is, he may be better off getting a job as a security guard in one of the hotels; they have good salaries, they
have insurance and a retirement pension working for any of the Strip hotels.
Sheriff Joe Lombardo may be able to stay on the force as a police officer if the new sheriff can trust him; and if the new sheriff is
one of his “protégées” he or she can place him in a cushy job within the department.
However, one way or another, we believe that Sheriff Joe Lombardo will serve the community and the state much better if he retracts his
desire to continue in the political profession and retracts his intention to keep lying to the community in an even higher position.

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