“Join Banachek’s Mind Games at the Strat Hotel” By Sandy Zimmerman




The best description of Banachek’s show in his own words, “My show is a Roller Coaster of Emotions and a Kaleidoscope of Thoughts!”

I experienced Banachek, the World’s Greatest Mind Reader, during the opening of his show in the STRAT Hotel, and was amazed by his talents. Banachek deserves his title!


Banachek’s show began immediately as he choose members of the audience to bring their cards to the stage and the fun began! Some people tried to think of other cards so that Banachek couldn’t read their minds but nothing worked as he knew all of the answers.

As Banachek explained, “Every show is different because we have different people, different minds, and people thinking of different things one day, the next they think of their pet or something that happened to them.”

But that doesn’t make it difficult for him. It is amazing that each time Banachek speaks to a member of his audience, he seems to know all about them. How is that possible?

There must be a thousand ways Banachek performs his act and audiences thrill to so many of them during each show! This is truly an audience participation event, utilizing much more of the audience than other shows. People really enjoy a show more when they participate and that makes it special!



I continually watched Banachek as he performed and nobody helped him, everyone saw him answer fast and correctly. The audience were thrilled and shocked.

One of Banachek’s famous Houdini-style stunts is the extremely dangerous, performed on the television special The Search for Houdini (1987), hosted by William Shatner, Banachek performed an escape stunt in which he successfully dug his way out after being chained, handcuffed, locked in a coffin, and buried six feet underground.




Not only known for his own mental abilities but Banachek is taking chances with this escape where he is alone and anything can happen!

Another trick he developed is his version of The Bullet Catch, an illusion in which the magician appears to catch a bullet fired directly at him. This is said to be the most dangerous magic trick but Banachek claims his version is completely safe. Penn & Teller purchased the trick from him and they developed several variations for their own show.



During one of his shows, BANACHEK showed a video of his “Bullet Catch” act. “The gun is fired & I catch the bullet in my teeth. The bullets, markings are checked by the audience members & everyone breathes again.” Hearing he no longer performs the act, they bought the “Bullet Catch” for a nice piece of change.

Banachek has been chosen as a consultant for other entertainers and shows.

Banachek is the director of the James Randi Foundation, an organization that for many years offered a million-dollar prize to anyone who can prove the existence of supernatural or psychic abilities. Nobody’s ever gotten the $1 million. Because, you know, psychic abilities don’t exist.

Banachek, born Steven Shaw, is a mentalistmagician, and “thought reader”.

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