Award-winning Producer/Talk Show Host Sandy Zimmerman’s Streaming Interview with Hypnotist Kevin Lepine-“Hypnosis Unleashed”- By Sandy Zimmerman



Award-winning Kevin Lepine’s “Hypnosis Unleashed” brings an action packed show to audiences at the Four Queen’s Hotel! Kevin is fast and knows how to take a room full of strangers and create his very funny audience participation show.  It’s up to you to decide whether to be on the stage or in the audience.


With 25 years’ experience, Kevin knows which tricks he will use each night as certain people seem to be better for some tricks than others. He explains that the people on the stage are enjoying themselves and they really seem to be while the audience are having so much fun watching.

There are so many surprises, expect the unexpected when Kevin begins to hypnotize the people on the stage! Usually a hypnotist does one trick at a time with each of the participants but Kevin is different. He tells them the character they are to play then says, “AND”, adding more and more to the shtick. Finally they have 10 things to do instead of just one!

Kevin uses his special plan for those who have been married for several years and has the hypnotized husband walk off the stage and kiss his wife. The wife was so happy and delighted, this kindles the romantic feelings of a couple in love.

Kevin Lepine is a certified hypnotherapist who cares, he feels that the hypnotized person’s safety is most important. He also trains hypnotists and therapists.

The large stage seats 16 possible people to be hypnotized and the audience can see everything from all of their seats.

The Four Queens was one of the early hotels in Las Vegas where Las Vegas began. Known for their gourmet room- Hugo’s Cellar, a memorable gourmet restaurant, has been a cherished experience since Las Vegas’ early times to today. You may decide to eat at one of the Four Queen’s Restaurants before the show.


The Four Queens is on the famous Freemont Street, one of the sights to see downtown.

Kevin Lepine’s “Hypnotism Unchained” appears Tuesday to Saturday, 9 pm, at the Four Queens Hotel, Downtown, Freemont Street, Casino Center, 3rd Street and Carson Avenue, Las Vegas.


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