Spreading the blame around — to all the president’s people

President Joe Biden

These have definitely been very stressful days for those living in this country and loving this great nation. However, we have to be
realistic and honest with ourselves; we cannot be blind to the errors and faults of those who are only at the front of the line.
Everyone is blaming Joseph (Joe) Robinette Biden Jr.; please notice that we did not refer to him as President Biden because no one in this office voted for him so he is not this newspaper’s president and this editorial is the voice of all of us who work here; however, we follow our line of being straightforward and writing the truth and nothing but the truth.
We cannot make the same mistake the Democrats made by blaming President Donald Trump for everything that went wrong. But Biden is now being blamed by all who hear only one side of the story.
In reality, he cannot be blamed for all the mistakes made in the last eight months. First of all, we know that he was not even prepared to be president; and second, in our opinion, he was actually not the honest and legitimate winner of the November 2020 election. We believe that still remains to be seen.
We are all aware that Joe Biden is not completely mentally competent; he no doubt has many medical issues that perhaps do not allow him to behave as we expect him to act; but more important, besides that, he is likely not the one in control of the nation and the American people. We believe other forces hidden behind him are in control of the President of the United States of America.
To start with the first lady — she knew how bad the president’s mental health was but she wanted to be first lady so bad that she did not seem to care if her husband might destroy us all; no, she’d rather be first nurse to him than be honest and have to tell him, “I know how bad you want this job. You’ve tried three times already and you did not get any closer than second place. After fifty-seven years in the Senate, the only one who profited was your son, Hunter, and the only reason they let you run is that they didn’t have anyone else.”
The president’s advisers told him to choose Kamala Harris as his “second in command” because they knew that Kamala Harris could not stand him since during the presidential campaign, of all candidates who were hoping to earn the nomination, Kamala Harris insulted Biden the most. When they advised him to pick her, he should have said “No way, Jose,” but he did not have the luxury of opening his mouth, so he just obeyed.
Let’s be realistic: the campaign team wanted to have the prestige of “electing the president of the United States” and opening the doors for future elections. Kamala Harris was hoping that he would fail and she would become the first Black female president. Nancy Pelosi was hoping that they both would fail and she would become the first female president with her puppy, Schumer, by her side.
And with all those people controlling Biden, we have that 40 percent of Democrat voters who voted for him knowing very well that he is not prepared to be our Commander In Chief.
Everyone Biden picked (or who someone else picked for him) for a strategic position is a failure and that is why we are in the position we are in today; don’t blame President Donald Trump — he had everything under control and the enemies of the United States feared him and the allies respected and trusted him.
Never in the history of this nation has a Democratic president been attacked, offended, and insulted as much as Joe Biden has. Donald Trump was also highly criticized but for simple envy, Biden is being criticized for incompetent senility. As early as this week he was called “stupid” on national television more than twelve times. His handlers didn’t prepare him for meetings with foreign personalities and during his meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, Biden fell asleep next to the man, not even acknowledging a word he said, leaving him speaking to himself.
However, Joe Biden likes to talk tough; “We will not forgive; we will not forget.” “We will hunt you down and make you pay.” Please, Mr. Biden, be realistic; you are not scaring anyone.
This Afghanistan fiasco is definitely the shame of all Americans, even though the average American citizen would’ve had a much better plan for bringing home those military forces.
Now might be the time to finish counting those votes from our last election and bring back the legitimate president of the United States of America. It would likely make a world of difference; we cannot continue blaming someone who is already senile and mentally incompetent.

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