Just how much blood does Biden want on his hands?

By Perly Viasmensky
The death of American Service members in Afghanistan has devastated the whole nation, and it’s just one more reason for every country in the world to completely distrust America.
One thing a person should check out thoroughly before even considering running for president, especially for a great nation such as the United States of America, is to consider if they are mentally capable to preside.
Not too long ago a local man who I admire and respect told me when I asked him if we should consider him a governor candidate, “A man should always consider his limitations.”
That is one thing that Joe Biden never considered. The only thing he has done in his eight months as president is to blame President Trump for everything instead of working for what he was put in the White House for.
Since day one Biden has done nothing but to reverse every executive order signed by President Trump, including the “Remain in Mexico” order. What do we have? More than a million people have crossed the Southern Border, many infected with COVID-19.
Now Joe Biden is planning to implement the “Remain in Mexico” policy again because even the president of Mexico is tired of continuing to cooperate with the United States.
Now Joe Biden wants all of us to believe that he was following the plan established by President Trump, the only executive order of President Trump that Biden did not reverse. No, President Trump had a plan for a departure of the troops from Afghanistan after 20 years of useless war, but with common sense.
What Biden has accomplished is not a departure but a surrender.
The death of U.S. service members who lost their lives (most of them younger than 25) during a heinous terror attack last week in Kabul, Afghanistan is going to be in Mr. Biden’s conscience and the consciences of all those high-ranking officers, and the mainstream media that covers up all the stupidity and corruption of their leader’s son, Hunter, and the 41 percent of people who still support this senile old man, who is just more than ready to hide in his basement again and bury his face in shame.
One of the victims was 20-year-old Marine Rylee McCollum, whose wife is expecting to give birth in a couple of weeks. His baby will never get to meet him. Another 20-year-old who lost his life was Marine Lance Corporal Jared Schmitz. If Mr. Biden had forgotten about his ill feelings toward President Donald Trump and has stopped blaming him for everything, including when he couldn’t sleep at night, he could have planned the departure of the troops with the integrity that characterizes an American citizen.
If Mr. Biden has had, for just one second, what it takes to be president, he could have planned the departure with an atom of
intelligence and dignity: All Americans first, then the Afghans who have worked for the American government all those long years, to say nothing of retrieving the trillions of dollars worth of military equipment (left behind and that the enemy is now going to use against us), followed by the Ambassador and personnel of the embassy, and lastly, the troops.
Mr. Biden could have saved the lives of many. The Taliban’s statement made it very clear: “They don’t accept dual citizenship; all Afghans with American citizenship are considered a traitor and would be killed.”
How much blood does Mr. Biden want on his hands? Mr. Biden has put not only all the people left in Afghanistan in
danger of death, but all of us here inside the country, because the enemy knows we have a weak, incompetent president, and we could be subjected to another September 11 disaster.
We, Americans, can’t even say that we have a Vice President to direct us in the right direction because the one we now have is only good at laughing at her own comments and waving at people. I believe that after eight months of incompetence, it is time for Mr. Biden to stop acting stupid and sniffing women and little girls’ hair and put on his president suit and defend the people of this country, especially the ones who pushed him into the White House.
To the families of all those young people who had to pay the price for what should have been our freedom, my most sincere condolences. Their deeds for the good of freedom will never be forgotten.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at pviasmensky@lasvegastribune.com.

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