Students at WCSD are being ignored, alienated, silenced

By John Eppolito
Special to the Las Vegas Tribune
With Washoe County School District (WCSD) schools just starting, the District is allowing/encouraging teachers to ask students to share their “sexual identity” with teachers, and some teachers are telling students they will keep it from their parents. See WCSD’s Administrative Regulation 5161 – Gender Identity and Gender Non-Conformity Students. Some of us believe paragraph 5 a. iii of this District regulation should be illegal.
A WCSD high school student told the school board that on the first day of school a U.S. History teacher made it clear she would be focusing on BLM and LGTBQ issues instead of U.S. History. The next day the student withdrew from high school in large part because of this teacher’s comments.
Since Superintendent McNeil and President Taylor have silenced parents and grandparents by removing initial general public comments from the board agenda, people have been posting incidents happening at their schools on our private Facebook page, Protect Nevada Children. Here are a few of the posts: — “A middle school teacher is so focused on his agenda he forgets to teach. Yesterday the principal made him remove his Pride flag and he cried in class in front of the kids. She told him she didn’t want any student to feel excluded and this upset him greatly.” The same post also stated: “The principal is a lesbian. But she puts the students first.”
—On the first day of school one middle school student reported that his math teacher told the class: “My daughter identifies as a boy.”
And his science teacher told the class: “I divorced a man so I could marry a woman; and, I’m a proud Lesbian!”
— “My 7-year-old just came home and said they talked to him about Black and White. So I asked him what did they ask you? He said, I don’t know! I asked him if they were talking about people of a different race. He automatically asked am I racist? I’m beside myself!”
—Some high school and middle school teachers are asking their students what pronouns they would like to be called: “he/him; she/her; they/them; or something else.” Some of the teachers are telling students they will keep their responses from their parents, this probably goes back to AR 5161 (above). Some of the questionnaires are electronic, at the moment we are not sure who this information is being shared with. Remember everything entered in Infinite Campus is never deleted, and IC shares some of the IC data with numerous other parties; and ALL IC data with at least a few parties.
—Students at a local high school are having trouble getting the school to allow them to form a Constitutional club, so they posted this flyer on cars. One of the teachers responded with the email below. Now the students are “laying low.”
“Some misguided fool put a propaganda flyer on my car in the Galena High School parking lot. Be thankful I didn’t catch you doing it, dimwitted, trumpy bastards. The Governor absolutely has the right to issue an executive order in the interest of public health and yes, it amounts to the same thing as a law. What is it exactly that you dopes have against science? Are you some of those flat-Earth Christians who believe every stupid thing the Bible or that fat, stupid, orange sex offender says instead of following the simple guidelines that the world’s most brilliant scientists suggest? It’s idiots like you that have caused the severity of the pandemic in the first place and its resurgence now. Damn you, morons. Keep your filthy paws off my car. If I catch you putting any more of your propaganda on my car, your [sic] in for a fight.”
Superintendent McNeil is responsible for everything currently happening in our schools! During a summer of fires, rioting, and looting, Superintendent McNeil never spoke publicly about it; but on January 6 before anyone really knew what happened she sent this as both an email and phone message to all parents in the District.
Other things have happened that can be viewed on our private Facebook page, Protect Nevada Children. Once you become a member you can post what happened at your child’s school.
A couple of the stories mentioned above will be covered by local media. We need your help getting the word out about what’s happening in our schools, so please talk to anyone concerned about the future of our children, our state, and our country.

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