Lombardo lies to Nevadans again

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo lie to Nevadans

“Crime rates in the Las Vegas area are steadily going down,” something Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo partly credits to a boost in patrol officers who have recently joined the ranks.
“Citing new year-to-date statistics, Lombardo said violent crime has decreased about 7 percent while property crime is down 3 percent.”
The lies of the Sheriff wanting to be Governor were published on August 3 of 2021 in the Las Vegas Sun insert, a.k.a. the Henderson Pravda, written by Ricardo Torres-Cortez.
Sheriff Lombardo, an anti-Trump Republican, expects to win the nomination for the Republican Party just because he wants voters to see him as a real Republican and ignore his lack of credibility and his poor performance.
Lombardo took the office pressed upon him by the outgoing sheriff, as has been done with all other sheriffs who opened the seat for the next office-holder, regardless of their qualifications and the support of the rank and file who, in this case, were in the majority supporting the late veteran Captain Larry Burns.
Lombardo did not and does not have the support of all his subalterns, the rank and file of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. And
how is he expected to have the backing of all the voters in Clark County where he has lived all his life and is an unknown person in the rest of the state of Nevada?
Another article that appeared in that same Henderson newspaper two days ago, August 23, by the same Ricardo Torres-Cortez, claimed, “A man was fatally shot early today when a gun discharged in a motel room on the Las Vegas Strip, according to Metro Police.”
It is obvious and undeniable that every day there is more than one crime reported in the Las Vegas newspapers or on one of the few local
television stations pointing out the crime rate in the Las Vegas area of Clark County showing the ineptness of the present Sheriff with political ambitions of becoming the next Nevada Governor.
Sheriff Lombardo is ignoring two important factors in his race for governor: he does not have a previous sheriff backing him and his bad record is obvious to all Nevadan voters.
Another important factor in the gubernatorial race is that the voters are more alert and more informed due to the various social media that can keep the public, the voters, well informed, offering different opinions that lets the audience compare, opening the platform to a more verdict and informative panel of discussions.

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