The Governor may be bribing Nevadans

It is a fact, it is reality, it is the talk of the day and no one can deny that it is in the minds of all of us human beings every day.
Some use the COVID issue to look or appear to look intelligent, and others use it as a political tool to gain popularity, while in many other cases it could cost sympathy and even the vote.
COVID-19 is not what many think it is, and others can use it as a way to control all of us as a nation when the government plays with our minds and with our future to keep us all under control and under their supervision, manipulating us all.
One expert tells us to wear a mask, another expert decides to contradict the first expert and believes that the wearing of a mask is not necessary, while a third expert tell us that the mask is only necessary when we are in a room with many others or when we are in a crowd like at a protest, on a march, or at a festival or concert.
In reality there is the possibility that the government is playing us all to keep us in suspense, and yet even more machiavelian, to keep us under control by playing a mind game.
The possibility is that we will all be forced to wear a mask and to get COVID-19 vaccination because someone in the government may or may not be making a profit when we are all forced to be vaccinated.
We start doubting the veracity of the vaccine when the government starts paying people to get the vaccine, those who otherwise would have no intention to be used as guinea pigs.
If the vaccine is that good and that beneficial to those who receive the injection, why is it that the government has to pay those who otherwise would not have any intention to be the government guinea pigs and get the vaccination?
In short, we believe that the government is bribing the citizens to get vaccinated by paying one hundred dollars for them to do it.
In Nevada, the Democrat Governor is running a lottery with those who get vaccinated giving thousands of dollars and offering a final lotto of one million dollars.
On June 16, Las Vegas television station KTNV, Channel 13, announced that the governor was starting a new lotto for the residents of Nevada.
“LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — $5 million total, including one grand prize of a million dollars, is up for grabs for eligible Nevadans who have been vaccinated, according to a new promotion hosted by the state.”
It is not clear where the five million dollars are coming from or if the money was donated to the state by the governor’s wife’s friend, George Soros, or if the governor’s wife who, according to unconfirmed information, is part owner of the land where the stadium is sitting, donating the five million dollars to bribe the citizens who refuse to get vaccinated.
On June 25, Rich Mendez of CNBC, published an article stating that 4,115 people have been hospitalized with COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated. The total number of individuals who died after contracting COVID-19 despite vaccination is 750. 76 percent of hospitalizations and deaths from breakthrough cases occurred in people over the age of 65.
It is important to note that CNBC is an organization that is more to the left than anyone likes to admit and if CNBC is admitting that the vaccine is not that effective and has the possibility of not giving the beneficiary results that are expected, the public should not be incited nor forced to be vaccinated.
It is a well-known fact that that the governor of Nevada is in a race that puts him in the middle of a fight to keep his position; he knows that he is a weak contestant in that race and that is why he is doing the impossible to turn the dislike the people of Nevada feel for him into a different position, even if he has to bribe the whole state.
We believe that if the governor is creating that lotto to bribe the people of Nevada, he needs to clear the way and tell us where those five million dollars are coming from and if we taxpayers are paying for his political campaign.
It is time for the governor to clear the way and be honest with the citizens of Nevada so we can all be clear and not allow him to use our money to run his political campaign.
The people of Nevada cannot afford another four years of dictatorship by a control freak governor or a weak sheriff who also lies to the community every time he opens his mouth.

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