“REVIEW: “Sarogeto” the film. By Sandy Zimmerman (Photos by “Sarogeto”)


Leading man Winsor Harmon III
Nico Santucci’s “Sarogeto”


“REVIEW: “Sarogeto” the film.
By Sandy Zimmerman (Photos by “Sarogeto”)

“Sarogeto” is award-winning Las Vegas filmmaker Nico Santucci’s mega film, a film that stands out from all of the others.

I was invited to the Las Vegas MEGAFEST 2021 Film Festival’s Red Carpet event and viewing of the exciting new film “Sarogeto” at the Galaxy Theaters on Maryland Parkway.     



Leading man Winsor Harmon III

“Sarogeto’s” story takes place in Japan but could be any family in any country or in the United States because the problems they have to face are universal.  

Please note, since this film just opened at the Galaxy Theaters, I am not supposed to tell too much to spoil the plot so that you will be surprised when you see it. You never know what to expect when you watch “Sarogeto”! 

Leading woman Minami Stanton (Ikumi Yoshimatsu)

This film is about a Japanese American woman Grace/ Minami Stanton (Ikumi Yoshimatsu) who loves her family so much she was forced to make a decision no woman should ever have to make. Why did she decide alone instead of discussing with her husband as he would be very much involved in the decision?

Stanton’s child.

This film’s emotional story captivates viewers as they watch Grace scene after scene with her husband and their young daughter. This subject has not been covered previously in films, “Sarogeto” stepped far out with its premise and conclusion.    

Leading Lady Ikumi Yoshimatsu







The backbone of the family, the handsome husband, was portrayed by well-known “Bold & the Beautiful” handsome soap star Winsor Harmon III. With more than 30 years experience, he was perfect as a man who truly loved his family, a caring man so absorbed in his work, innocently Winsor didn’t realize what was happening.  

He should have taken time to see the signs, any indications that might awaken him that something was wrong. Some families are so close that they automatically realize when any problems arise yet others follow their own paths instead.

What did she do? Would you act the same way?  It is unusual for a Japanese woman to be so assertive in their culture.

I always enjoy film festivals as they bring the newest original stories.

You will enjoy the scenes filmed in four beautiful locations- Tokyo, Japan, and at Laguna Beach, Marina Del Ray, and Newport Beach in the United States.    

Sarogeto” has been nominated for several film festival awards, including Del & Theresa Weston’s “Hollywood Dreams Living Legend Award” for Eric Roberts, Anabelle Munro’s “The Most Important Film Awards” #TMIF Leading Man Winsor Harmon III, and Lureen Wu’s “Las Vegas Asian Film Awards” #LVAFA Best Actress for Ikumi Yoshimatsu and Ruby Park for Best Breakthrough Performance! 

Film locations include Tokyo, Laguna Beach, Marina Del Rey and Newport Beach. This film is partially subtitled in Japanese, with the majority in English.

“Sarogeto” stars a Japanese, British and American cast: Iku-mi Yosh-imatsu, Winsor Harmon III, Eric Roberts, Eliza Roberts, Angelica Bridges, Ruby Park, Derek Warburton and others.  

The Red Carpet Celebrity guest list included: Carrot Top, Anthony Cools, the stars of the film and more.

I was happy to see comedian/ TV Host/ Producer Jamie Monroy, well known as a ROCK STAR COMIC, with his quick ad-libs and star quality he has audiences laughing and always wanting more! He first performed in Las Vegas as a stand-up comedian, as Donny Osmond, emceeing “Legends in Concert” at the Imperial Palace in the ‘80’s.

“Sarogeto” appears at Galaxy Theaters in Las Vegas.


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