Without RINOs, the best Clark County Republican meeting ever

By Rob Lauer
Special to the Las Vegas Tribune
At the Clark County Republican Party, the real Republicans came out in force to support the CCRP and elect new leadership. The Trump-endorsed slate, led by Jesse Law, won overwhelmingly. And none of the RHINOs were there. It was literally the most exciting and unified CCRP event I’ve ever attended. The room was packed to the limit. There was no parking. The energy was thrilling. Last Wednesday night made it abundantly clear who the problem children in the party really are, the RINOs who didn’t show.
But even on the eve of the meeting Wednesday night, the loser RINOs posted messages claiming the executive board didn’t approve the meeting. But Sadjak in his incompetence suspended the election meeting last week and did not end the meeting. This meant the meeting was still ongoing and the body could make a motion to reconvene. It also meant the termed-out leadership could not override the body’s motion.
One-term wonder Carrie Buck blew up her political career for nothing after calling Trump supporters Vile Creatures. She came in third behind Eddie Hamilton for Chair. The Never Trump loser crowd will now try to sue or start their own loser county party. Good riddance to them.
The Pro-Trump slate won the day, no cops were called to remove 65-year-old folks and the good beat the wicked. But now the real fight begins. The NVGOP and the RNC are expected to ratify the results of last Wednesday night’s election.

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