Las Vegas was once a city where people used to get dressed up

County Commission Richard L. "Tick" Segerblom represent Clark County in Colorado dressing very vulgar

My Point of View/By Rolando Larraz

County Commission Richard L. “Tick” Segerblom represent Clark County in Colorado dressing very vulgar during a marihuana convention.

I am definitively living in the wrong era or in the wrong country, because I don’t remember ever seeing so many people acting vulgar and uneducated; in the old days even people who were vulgar and uneducated made an effort to act and behave as a normal, educated person, even to the point of it looking ridiculous.
Las Vegas was once a city where people used to get dressed up to go see a show; in fact, they had to — like it or not — get dressed to go see a show. If you didn’t wear a suit and tie, you were not allowed in the showroom; if you didn’t have a sports jacket to see a show in the lounge, the house would provide one for you.
Las Vegas used to be a classy place, but now people walk into the hotels and casinos in shorts and tennis shoes (even without socks) and that is because the corporate mafia don’t care about anything but the money; heck, the executives don’t even wear a suit anymore—they walk around the casinos in polo shirts, shoes without socks and they don’t even remember the last time they wore a tie because they want to be so “down to earth” that they look more like a playboy than an executive of the hotel they represent.
But what can you expect from casino executives if the new millionaires sport “down to earth” personalities and entertainers walk around as if they are in the dressing room because despite all the money they have earned, many of them have not learned the word “class”; they are under the wrong impression that money gives them class when nothing is further from the truth. Money you earn, but class you learn. They may sound similar but those two things are not the same.
The same is being seen at the county commissioners’ meetings and the city council meetings. They, as any other public officials or elected officials, should give the people (remember the WE THE PEOPLE phrase that some of you created or use sometimes) deserve the respect to have their officials dress accordingly to receive people in their house; if the female officials can dress presentably, why not the males? Or are the males better than the females or above following the expected dress code?
I was thinking of taking up a collection to contribute to Clark County Commissioner Chairperson’s hairdresser. Doesn’t she make enough money
to have a hairdresser? In my opinion, she always looks like she just got out of bed and didn’t have time to fix her hair and people have noticed it and commented on that.
I don’t recall ever seeing David Riggelman, City Communication Director, or Eric Pappa, County Communication Department, without a tie. Why would any elected officials think they could be any different?
Elected officials should remember, even if they don’t want to accept or admit it, they work for the citizens that elected them and those citizens deserve respect. Just because they are allowed to walk around the hallways of their respective jurisdictions as if their poop does not stink it does not mean that they can do whatever they want or like. They still have the people to answer to, and many of them stated that fact when they were running for office.
“I will work for you like no one else has worked for you before,” one city councilwoman stated when she was running for the job and so far no one has seen her since she got elected.
Another city councilman told me to my face right in front of a relative’s home that he will be visiting his area personally to see what is going on everywhere in his WARD, but no one has seen him since he got elected either.
I try to find excuses for him and I told my relative that he is too busy trying to support his counterpart in Ward Three while she is on a leave of absence since she got elected, and I try to explain to my relative some facts of life like the only time one sees the elected officials is when they are running for that sterile paycheck, then they hide under their secretary’s (the new label is Executive Assistants) skirt because the elected official is “in the field taking care of the constituents”; but none of the constituents that I have talked to have ever seen the Ward One or Ward Three council anywhere, not even by mistake or because they turned onto the wrong street.
Yet I keep dreaming and hoping that one day I will see the city officials give the citizens the respect they all deserve, and I am not talking about me; I am on my way out, not only because I am planning to move to another city, but on my way out of this world because I am too old, too depressed, and too tired, so I will have to leave the undertaking to someone younger than me.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him
at: or at 702-272-4634.

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