County Commission shut down F.I.O.R.E. meeting

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
It is not enough that Cox subscribers are controlled on a daily basis as to what programs they can watch; that the water district tells their customers when and how they can water their grass or wash their car; or that NV Energy tells their customers when and how they can or should use their power — even if any of those companies paid the customer’s bills; but now the Clark County Commission is forcing businesses to operate under another mask mandate after just a short time ago they “allowed” the citizens to open their doors after almost a year since they have not been able to conduct business openly and freely.
It seems like the Democrats running the Clark County Commission are more interested in keeping the community poor and close to a disaster, rather than seeing them open for business, even with very little fanfare. But a short time later, they were ordered — yes, ordered — to put all businesses in Clark County and any other unincorporated areas to be put under a mask mandate once again.
Take for example the F.I.O.R.E. Club’s monthly meeting. F.I.O.R.E. is a non-profit group that is serving a purpose in the community; they announced a meeting for August 13 of this year, spent money on reserving the date at a very popular local establishment, spent money on advertising and even more money on promoting the event.
But now, arbitrarily, the County Commissioners decided to place another mandate on all businesses in the county and any other unincorporated areas, unfairly making those people lose all that money that they have fronted.
The new mask mandate, which members of the Clark County Commission approved during an emergency meeting on Tuesday, July 20, will apply to all businesses in incorporated cities and unincorporated parts of
the county, and took effect at the stroke of midnight on Thursday, July 22 without any regard, concern, and/or respect for the economic effect the action may have on the businesses and the community.
This time the County Commissioners, most likely following the orders of their past chair and now the Socialist Governor of Nevada, do not predict how long the mandate will be in place. Many believe that the mandate is unfair and arbitrary and it is unclear if they will follow the commission’s decision.
It is worth noting that for the last thirty years the County Commission has been totally Democrat and no Republican has been able to win a seat in the county, but Republicans have not questioned the
results of the election until this past election when Republican candidate Stavros Anthony was brave enough to contest the election results in his jurisdiction, but it was to no avail.
Anthony could have changed the tipping point if he had won the election, but he was not successful in the fight; however, he may have been successful in opening the eyes of the voters in that district and may be a little more effective the next time an election takes place.
Calls made to some county commissioners were not returned on time for this week’s publication.

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