Censorship is here and very alive

By Alexandra Cohen
Las Vegas Tribune
It was coming and now everyone is aware of it. The nation will be, under the new administration, on full censorship and Twitter is leading the parade of what is coming to America since it banned the account of President Donald Trump.
It is dangerous when a company can dismiss the freedom of speech of an individual just because the company does not agree with the political philosophy of a client.
Twitter cancelled President Donald Trump’s account and denied him the right to express his opinion freely in a clear and unjustifiable attempt to silence him because they do not agree with his viewpoints, but others who agree with the little Twitter dictators are allowed to use the platform to instigate, threaten, and promote their own agenda.
Twitter was followed by Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and others who use the Apple system, making it impossible for the president to communicate with his followers. And that is because these socialist little Caesars do not want the American people to be able to compare and or listen to other ideas beside their own.
If they would truthfully print or expose their own ideas, there would be no problem for the nation to compare one system over another, but they know that the system they are promoting is not the best choice for the American people. They want to turn the best country in the world into the biggest garbage container they can so they can become the Lords of the Garbage, the Kings of Nothing, incomparable to any other nation.
The communists who dislike President Trump claim that free speech does not apply to this issue because Twitter is a private company and not a government entity; however, when a private person is denied service
for any reason, they have the alternative of using the court system.
But now the lefties use the “private company” excuse to allow these social media moguls their wish to silence the president. Hotels, factories, restaurants, casinos, and millions of other private businesses are exactly that, private companies, and they are not allowed to discriminate for a million different issues, cases, or reasons. Private companies are not allowed to discriminate; why then are Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple exempt from that clause that rules in any and every other “private company”?
The Trump family has stopped tweeting since the president was unfairly
banned from social media and the American people; the seventy-five million loyal Trump followers may follow the pattern with the Trump family and close their accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and
Apple in solidarity with the president and show those arrogant millionaires who is the boss, show them that without their accounts, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Twitter are nothing but a thing of the past.
America needs to wake up and not let their country become another socialist country; socialism is nothing more than the living room of communism. Once a country declares its mentality of socialist ideals, it’s only a short time before the transaction to communism takes place and from there on, it will turn into another Cuba, another Russia or any other communist nation.

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