Clark County Sheriff used FIORE for his own benefit

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

Sheriff Lombardo pretend to be a friend of the members of the FIORE Club

It was a real surprise to see the two-term sheriff of Clark County and now candidate for governor, Joseph Lombardo, AKA Joe Lombardo, visiting the Italian American Club, attending the first meeting of the F.I.O.R.E. Club after the pandemic.
The now famous F.I.O.R.E. Club was founded eighteen years ago by universally well-known entertainer, Nelson Sardelli, who later added several well-known show business and political personalities to the mix. In those eighteen years, Lombardo never attended any of the events of the F.I.O.R.E. organization and never participated in any of the lunches.
Lombardo pretended to be a Republican, but never accepted President Donald Trump as the legitimate president of the United States of America, attacked the behavior of officer Dereck Chauvin in Minnesota when the event did not even happen in his jurisdiction, and told the daily newspaper several weeks ago that crime in Clark County has gone down when in reality crime is going up extremely high.
In the same daily newspaper in which Lombardo claimed that crime is down was an article which pointed out that in the first six months of this year, nine children have died as victims of crime, and every day there are reports of shootings in many places in his jurisdiction, as well as robberies and home invasions. Makes you wonder how he can protect and defend the entire state of Nevada. Lombardo is not capable of protecting the citizens of Clark County, how then will he ever be able to protect the citizens of the Nevada?
Unfortunately, the media in Clark County is not a fair media. First, they do not like to report the news, they like to make the news and follow the one in power and take the easy way to write their articles or to report on the news they make.
In the good old days when the media had night reporters in the field, they competed to get an exclusive, to report the news first; but the days of Harold Hyman with the Las Vegas Sun and Ned Day with the Las Vegas Review-Journal are over. Even the telephone lines in the newsroom of the only daily newspaper are never answered and messages left on voice mail are never returned. Calling a television station to speak to a reporter is out of the question.
The morning news is limited to the two local news stories printed in the only daily newspaper left in our city and the rest is sports, weather, commercial out-of-state news with three or four minutes about the life of some prince that married an American fashion model, and infomercials, giving the impression that nothing happens in Las Vegas or Clark County while in reality, shootings, robberies, sexual assaults, family disturbances, child abuse, and domestic violence take place every night and part of every day in our community.
The people who live in this community, especially the old-timers, are aware that the useless sheriff with aspirations to be a governor, and many other elected officials, are controlling the news without realizing that they are not fooling anyone and making the news media look as incompetent and obedient to the same people that have been elected to serve the community truthfully and honestly.
Rolando Larraz, the owner of the Las Vegas Tribune, who is also a President of the F.I.O.R.E. Club, said, “I have known Nelson Sardelli for almost a half a century and I have complete trust that he will do the right thing—not only for the F.I.O.R.E. club’s namesake, and not only for the members, but because he always does the right thing and the community and F.I.O.R.E. members are entitled to be well-informed so we will not make the same mistake again, that of electing the wrong Governor with ties to George Soros and the stadium, coupled with all the personal benefit he is getting.”
Next month’s F.I.O.R.E. Club speaker, Ira Sternberg, is a man who has been in this community for many years and is respected by everyone who
knows him and is a man who has been a pillar of the community, holding executive positions with the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, and the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and Casino, and has had his radio show and radio broadcast for many years.
The F.I.O.R.E. Club members will be pleased with what Ira has to say, so don’t miss this opportunity!
Call Nelson Sardelli at (702) 499-6919 to reserve your seat for lunch at the Italian American Club on 2333 East Sahara Avenue at Eastern Avenue.

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