Is Cuba finally breaking free?

Southwest Medical Associates need to work on public relations

By Perly Viasmensky

Will Cuba finally be free?

It looks like the people of Cuba finally found what it takes to protest after 62 years of oppression, hunger, and death. (Some people may claim it’s only been 60 years, but in reality, it has been going on since 1959.)
The Cuban communist leadership blames President Donald Trump for the anti-government protests. (Apparently, Mr. Trump is sharing the same kind of fate that other well-known personages have — those who have been blamed for anything or even everything — while those who do the blaming never notice or acknowledge any of the good he has done.) Cuba has recently faced growing hunger after its economy was hit even harder by a slump in tourist revenue due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
It is also true that the pandemic has hit them badly for lack of medications, but some people in Cuba may disagree or they might just be too naïve or too blind to admit it.
As recently as last week, I was speaking on the phone with a national lady who told me that they have the best scientists on the island and that they have developed their own vaccine and don’t need vaccines from any other country. If that is the case, why are people dying on a daily basis?
Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called on the United States to end what he calls an “unjust” embargo, and offered to send medicine, vaccines and food to Cuba.
I would like to know why he waited so long to help Cubans on the island. Mexico helped destroy the great island of Cuba by helping Fidel Castro prepare his revolution on Mexican soil. Doesn’t the honorable Mexican president know that something like Tylenol, for a minor headache, something that some Cubans tried to send in packages to their families through Mexico, are stolen at the Mexican Post Offices?
Why does Mr. Lopez Obrador believe his own nationals want to come to the United States? Because they are living in poverty also. Before he calls on the United States to end that “unjust” embargo and offer his help elsewhere, he needs to take care of his own people.
* * * * *
House-to-house vaccinations is a bad idea

Fauci has the brilliant idea to say that the
vaccine should be made mandatory

Apparently, Mr. Joe Biden wants to start a house-to-house vaccination program and Dr. Anthony Fauci has the brilliant idea to say that the vaccine should be made mandatory. Do both of them want to implement the same authoritarian regime as Cuban officials have done?
Before Mr. Biden even considers sending those people house-to-house, he better train them how to hold a syringe. Does anybody see them on TV?
I can bet anything that our Managing Editor, Maramis Choufani, has not been watching much TV lately, because with all her experience as a U.S. Army nurse, if she sees those people holding the syringe like a knife ready to stab someone, my dear friend might have a heart attack.
Those people are not nurses or “health practitioners,” they are just instructed to stick the needle in and go on to the next person. But even before we get to that step, that of using the correct technique, shouldn’t we address the all-important issue of free will choice?
Whatever happened to that?
* * * * *
Southwest Medical Associates need to work on public relations

Southwest Medical Associates need to work on public relations

I wonder if managing members of Southwest Medical Associates ever bother to check the performance of the people working for the call center they hire. Yes, I am sure it is very expensive, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens to be the same call center employed by the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR).
Those people need to realize that they are very lucky to have a job, because the unemployment line in Nevada is still very long. Recently, and for two consecutive days, they didn’t even answer their telephone lines. If you happen to call in the morning hours, their recorder says that the waiting period is greater than an hour but you can leave your telephone number and they will call you back. Good luck with that!
They never return your call. If by some miracle they do call you back, you are going to hear another recorded message say, “When so and so is on the line, press one.” Then, you are going to hear the same familiar recording, “Your call is important to us and blah, blah, blah, but you still need to hold the line another ten minutes.”
Those call centers need to understand that when you call to get an appointment to see a doctor it is because you have a health problem, not to invite the doctor over for cocktails.
Something else they don’t pay attention to is what you are saying. “I am a patient of Dr. So and so and I need an appointment to see him/her.”
Then they immediately ask you, “Who is your provider?” That’s another matter that hit me deeply — provider. Provider? What does that mean?
Whatever happened to the word DOCTOR? Whose idea was it to call medical doctors providers?
Many parents of those medical doctors worked hard all their lives to help their son or daughter complete their education and get that medical doctorate degree. Many others have taken out student loans that they’re still paying off after 10 years of practice. Is it too much trouble to pay them the respect they deserve and call them DOCTOR?
Providers…?! Hmmmmm. Let me remind everyone that drug dealers are also providers and they got that label without 10 years of medical school
or a huge debt hanging over their heads.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky,
email her at

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