God Bless the Cuban Embargo

For the last few days, the protests in Cuba have been the big news in many places and the center of the news everywhere with many being surprised that after sixty-two years of terror, hunger, and government agents killing so many innocent people, now, finally, the Cuban people have rebelled against the oppressive communist government.
Many are asking the same question: why did Cuban people decide to go on the streets now to protest the communist dictatorship that has ruled the country for so long with an iron fist?
Now is the time of finger-pointing and blaming anyone who in one way or another had crossed paths with Cuba, Cubans, and Cuban policies, including anything related to COVID, Barack Obama, and of course, former president Donald J. Trump.
The relationship between Cuba and the United States of America back in the day was a tight relationship and our countries were perfect allies
until then-president Dwight Eisenhower (R) allowed munitions to be sold to help the revolution of Fidel Castro Ruz.
Later, Democrat President John F. Kennedy promised the brave men of Brigade 2506 air help to overthrow the communist government of the
Castro Brothers. It never materialized. The promised help was denied to the Brigade, which cost them several months and several deaths because the Castro troops were waiting for the invasion.
The so-called embargo was a joke from day one, because the Democrat government allowed the embargo to be a fiasco. Everyone and their mothers were traveling to Cuba. Spaniards took the opportunity to build hotels in Cuba and the Cubans who were asking for political asylum were traveling to Cuba two months after arriving on American soil as “political asylees” because their lives were in danger, but the American government allowed them to travel to their natal country because they “miss their family and their country.”
The Cuban political asylees, and refugees, along with the Department of Immigration and Naturalization of the United States of America, are as guilty as anyone else for the communist regime lasting this long.
There was nothing in Cuba that the Americans wanted, needed, or liked; the casinos were gone, no more rum, no more tobacco, no more sugar cane and no more freedom, so why would they want to save Cuba from the communists?
The Cuban government, the Cuban people, and the Democrats in America made a laughing stock of the American government by allowing the embargo to be a failure and allowing the Castro family to visit the U.S. every month to shop, to invest in real estate in Florida and who knows what other states in this free nation.
The Castro Crime Family was welcome in the United States as any Royal family would be because they came here to spend their money and no one cared if the money was clean or blood-stained.
The Cubans also have much guilt as far as feeding the bloody hands of the communists and the coffers of the government enemy of their democracy. Back in the sixties and seventies, they used to borrow money from the bank or loan sharks, buy jewelry on payment plans, and travel to their native land looking like “wealthy tourists,” pretending to be nouveau riche, humiliating their needy countrymen.
They’d travel to Cuba leaving dollars to the same communist country that earlier had confiscated their family properties and even perhaps executed family members by firing squad.
Cuba was a very wealthy nation, prosperous and happy, but the communists destroyed all that. Cuba had color television before the United States; Cubans used to drive brand new cars and American merchants and stores were everywhere in the country.
Entertainers from the United States, including Nat King Cole, used to play in Cuba and they were very happy to do so because of the money, the weather, the beaches, and the class that existed everywhere on the small island.
Now, many wonder why it took the Cubans so long to protest the tyranny that had oppressed them for sixty-two years. It was because, as Americans say, “Money talks and you-know-what (BS) walks,” as long as the countrymen in the USA were sending money, food, and all the amenities, they were all happy in their own land.
Cubans had the least amount of immigrants because they were happy with all the stuff they received from other family members; they didn’t need to immigrate and that is why the embargo never worked; that is why the communist country lasted sixty-two years with that so-called “oppression” of drinking, eating, and getting designer jeans, Nike shoes, et al.
But you know they’ve been spoiled when they tell their relatives, “Don’t send us jeans from Walmart; we want the good stuff,” while most of us don’t even wear designer jeans!

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