Trump’s first rally after Jan. 6, 2021, a success

Trump first rally after January 6, 2021 a success

By Alexandra Cohen
Las Vegas Tribune

Trump first rally after January 6, 2021 a success

Regardless of what anyone may say, a man who could gather all those Americans in one single place, regardless of how many gate-crashing “anti-Trump spies” could’ve been there, there is no way Trump could have lost the 2020 election. It’s been the Las Vegas Tribune’s opinion since day one that the election was not only taken from Donald Trump; the 2020 election was taken from the American people and Republicans are at fault for being so professional, so decent, and so well behaved.
Republicans have to realize that fighting the new Democrat-Communist party is not like fighting normal, average, everyday citizens because the new Democrats come across as evil and extremely rude like we’ve never seen.
If the Republicans would have fought for their rights to have observers in the voting places, and if they would have been allowed to take down the opaque barriers surrounding the places the Democrats were counting the votes… wait, we take that back — the Democrats were not counting the votes; the Democrats were adding boxes full of votes that did not exist, from people that most likely were not legally allowed to vote — people such as those who had voted several times in the same election, people who may have been dead for a long time or maybe even some who had not have even been born yet. If the leaders of the respective Republican Party in every state would have paid attention and have done their job, Donald Trump would be the President of the United States today and we would not be publishing this article.
The Las Vegas Tribune was the first newspaper that supported and endorsed Donald Trump for president in 2015. The Las Vegas Tribune was and is the only newspaper to have its building vandalized for having signs proclaiming Donald Trump for President on the front doors of its offices (before Donald Trump added Pence name to his signs). After the vandalization, the newspaper added eight new signs to the front door of the newspaper and its Radio Tribune, the radio station owned by the newspaper and which has been a supporter of candidate Donald Trump and President Donald Trump from day one.
“The newspaper does not get credit for its actions because those who can give the publication any kind of credit do not want to give us the credit that we deserve — or are not being allowed to do so by their girlfriends and those who oppose us since they only spotlight us when we may do something wrong, otherwise they try to ignore us, like the Nevada Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak and RINO Clark County Sheriff Joseph (Joe) Lombardo,” said Rolando Larraz, the founder of the twenty-three-year-old weekly with sixty-three years of political experience in Clark County.
It is obvious that Donald Trump is the most popular political figure in America; no one can bypass him in any way in the political scene.
Seeing his popularity and the loyalty that American people have for him is beyond amazing and if the Democrats do not have the
intelligence to accept that fact, it is obvious that the only way they can win an election is by stealing it.
It is obvious from public opinion that if Donald Trump does not run in the 2024 election, the ones who will lose the most are the American people.


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