Getting away with murder in Las Vegas

Father protect murder son from authorities
Father protect murder son from authorities

It is well known that when police officers arrest someone, they always stack the charges so the original charges will stick and make it
easier for the prosecutors to “work” a deal with an “obedient” defense attorney.
It is also well known that when a judge, forced by pressure, or wanting to impose a stiff sentence to please someone, has enough
sentencing “wiggle” room.
Jose Rangel helped his son, Eric Rangel Ibarra, to move the body of their neighbor, Lesly Palacio, after Rangel Ibarra killed her for
unknown reasons. District Court Judge, “the Honorable Tierra Jones” in Department 21, ignoring the pain that the family of the 22-year-old Lesly Palacio is suffering, proposed a sentence to the young woman’s killers of a two-year prison term, which was an insult to the victim’s family.
We’d like to see the original arrest report to see how many charges the elder Rangel was charged with and what kind of deal Judge Tierra Jones was forced to accept from the prosecutors in the case.
The short two-year sentence for the man who could very possibly have participated in the murder of the young woman, helped to clean the bloody driveway, and helped to transport her body to a deserted area where the police later found the body, is incomprehensible.
Witnesses were questioned Thursday in the case against one of the accused killers of Lesly Palacio. Palacio was murdered back in August 2020; her body was later found near Valley of Fire State Park in September. The Palacio family is planning a protest walk from the Clark County Detention Center to the Regional Justice Center to let the homicide unit of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Office of the Clark County District Attorney know that they are not going to remain silent.
We believe that if District Attorney Steve Wolfson, the prosecutors in the case, the Judge, and the almighty homicide unit want to prove that they want to serve the community, they should come up with a better deal to show regard for the family of the victim and ignore making a deal with two criminals that do not deserve a glass of water in the middle of the desert.
During the Grand Jury process we could perceive a cold-blooded Eric Rangel who, after he killed Lesly Palacio, was bragging about killing “the bitch” to a friend, but that was not enough for the District Attorney and his waterboy; the D.A. told the judge how to rule and a homicide detective sitting in the courtroom made sure that all the pieces fell in the right places.
Back at Rangel’s home, Dad (Jose Antonio Rangel) was helping his son (the murderer, Eric Rangel) to remove all evidence and take the body of Lesly Palacios to the desert to leave it there, hoping that no one could connect them to the Palacio’s family and much less to the murder of the young lady.
If prosecutors really want to play “Let’s Make A Deal,” they should make a deal with Daddy Jose and tell him that if he turns his son in
to the authorities, he could benefit himself with the prison personnel; or they could say that if he turns his son in to the authorities, his case will “go away” — after all, that wouldn’t be the first time that lawmen would lie for their benefits.
It is our understanding that when a person knows that a crime has been committed and doesn’t report it, that person could be charged with conspiracy. When a father helps his son to cover up his crime, he is not a good father, he is an accessory to murder.
The District Attorney’s office had no money, or no pen to write the check that should go to the person/people who had to hustle for a
parking space, pay the meter with their own money, and after even losing a day’s pay, never got the promised check in the mail.
Jose Antonio Rangel deserves more than two years for murdering Lesly Palacio; the Judge, the District Attorney, the prosecutors, and the homicide investigators should all put their little brains together to come up with some way to make the punishment fit the crime. But then, none of them seem up to being able to do that. It’s called getting away with murder in Las Vegas.

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