Don’t hate Joe… feel sorry for him

By Perly Viasmensky
Well, it looks like a group of House Republicans are demanding that Joe Biden take a cognitive test and publicly release the results so the American people can see that the man residing in the White House is a nutcase and an embarrassment to the whole nation and a mockery to the world leaders.
Those House Republicans are way too late requesting such a test. They should have requested that test after Mrs. Jill Biden, during an interview before the election, was asked if he has had a cognitive test and she responded: “You don’t want to go there; you don’t want to go there,” as if she knew the man was already senile.
This request comes after the disastrous and damaging trip when Biden, in a state of confusion, wandered off causing laughter to burst out from the other world leaders. His wife had to grab him by the hand and lead him away in the right direction.
It is amazing that now all of a sudden House Republicans notice the necessity for Biden to take a cognitive test when it is well known that he was mentally absent since the few days he came out of his basement during his supposed campaign and didn’t even recognize his wife from his sister.
I don’t believe the man should be subjected to laughs and mockery—after all, it is not all his fault. Blame should be placed on his wife, who, after 44 years of living with the man, did not care enough to say, “Honey, don’t even think about it; you do not have the capacity to lead this great nation.” Maybe she let him run for her desire to be called “first lady,” considering the fact that the man ran for president three times and never won, which is ample proof that the American people did not consider him a good candidate for the
Something else that should be taken into consideration is that many Republicans are at fault, such as the McCain family, the Bushes, and Mitt Romney, who never forgave Donald Trump for winning the nomination and the election of 2016. I am a Republican, but I can see the RINOs in our party.
Someone else who should be blamed is Barack Obama, who is working behind the scenes hoping to start his third term and even make it a permanent position.
I, personally, feel sorry for the man who has become the clown of the world, especially of the enemies of the United States. Something else people who voted for Biden are forgetting and have overlooked is that in 1988, he had two brain aneurysms; even though doctors don’t know what causes Alzheimer’s disease, they all agree that it is possible to have a negative effect on a person’s memory if they’ve had an aneurysm.
Something else the American people and Republicans, in particular, are in need of considering is that if they try to apply the 25th Amendment to take the man out of an office he was never supposed to be in in the first place, are they forgetting who will replace him? None other than Kamala Harris, another disaster to our country after her failed overseas trip to Guatemala and Mexico, especially when she made a mockery out of herself and their nationals showed her their dislike.
The woman is not prepared; she doesn’t have what it takes to be Vice President much less President. She believes everything should be humorous and we perceived some kind of sarcasm on her side when a reporter asked her why she hasn’t been to the Southern border, as something she was assigned to do in the first place, and she responded, laughing, “I haven’t been to Europe either.”
If one of those strange things that happen in life happens, and Harris is passed over, what will be the next option — Nancy Pelosi? — an evil, diabolic woman who will take us to the grave. God help us, all!
The United States of America was once the envy of the world; today we are a laughing stock. I read but I cannot remember where I read it, that poor insane Joe Biden, using his atrophic mind, said he is setting up federal snitch lines for people to turn in their extremist neighbors, which can’t help but remind us of the Nazis. Why even go back that far when we can compare the practice to Fidel Castro’s more recent plan of implementing the “Comite de Defensa” (Defense Committee plan) to snitch on everyone they believed to be contra-revolutionaries; even school teachers were ordered to stand on corners of the city at night time watching suspicious activities.
Does anybody know how many children, in the name of the revolution, snitched on their parents? Many, believe it or not. Many of those children finally deserted and came to the United States to eat from the hands of the Yankees they hated so much, but carrying in their heart the guilt of the destruction and/or even the death of their parents.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at

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