Politicians act stupidly by referring to Hispanics as the ‘Brown’ race

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
It is possible that people with limited education might not know some facts of life and are not aware that there are only four races among human beings; but politicians, elected officials, educated people and even high school graduates should know better and realize that in this world, unless one is a Democrat, there are ONLY four races, in the most easily explained manner of speaking.
Despite the color of our skin, we all have red blood as members of the one Human race; but when categorized — what we have been aware of since we were little children, are the White (the Caucasian race) for people with White skin, the Black (the Negroid race) for people with Black skin, the so-called Red race for people with red skin, and the so-called Yellow race for those with yellow skin.
Now we know that the Red and Yellow races really fall under more sophisticated categorical names, and names that we don’t usually use, considering it can be confusing since one of them, the Mongoloid race, includes both the Yellow (the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans), and the Red (the American Indians). The other race that we don’t usually use covers the Pacific races.
So, to make it easy, we were taught (and still stick to the way we were taught) that there are four races: the Black race (Negroid), the
White race (Caucasion), the Red race (American Indians or Native Americans), and the Yellow race (Asian).
But the Brown race? It never existed and we have never heard of it. And neither have you.
The Brown race most likely was “created” by politicians who want to welcome the Hispanic voters to their own new world in the Americas with that whole new race or by some Democrat who wanted to build a new voting blog.
Most Hispanic people or those of Hispanic descent find it very racist and very insulting to be called Brown because the word Brown in this case represents a fake race that has never been acknowledged as a separate and official race.
In Cuba, for example, before Fidel Castro destroyed the country with his communist mentality, there were the White people, the Black people, the Indians (Siboney) and a large Asian community.
In the United States of America, politicians are using the BROWN RACE as a political tool and that tool is being used by ignorant and greedy Democrat politicians to try to bring another blog of voters into existence; that group of voters really DOES NOT exist, but there is no one confronting those who have created this separate race or who are using the “Brown race” as a political group, thereby treating Hispanics as ignorant or less educated.
“Not too long ago, Latinos were expected and assumed to be Democrats by anyone with a passive interest in political demography,” wrote Monica De La Cruz-Hernandez, a proud Latina Republican running for Congress in Texas’s 15th Congressional District.
And she is right; in fact we wrote about this two weeks ago when we mentioned the fact that many Hispanics confuse the word Democrat with Democracy.
In the May 15 Las Vegas Tribune editorial, the newspaper wrote in part “Democrat President John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural address, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” But we can play a little with these words and come up with something like, “It is not what a country can do for you, it is what you can do in a country that opens its arms and the road to success for you.”
Remember that old adage, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”? We can offer a new version that states, “Democrats give you a fish and try to control you forever; Republicans open doors to opportunities and it is up to you how to succeed in a free country as long or as far as you want.”
Democrats like to play a game, mainly with minorities: that of opening the doors to Welfare — food stamps, housing and medical care; unemployment does not count because unemployment is your own money that you contribute to while you’re working.
That is why it is a good idea to keep hammering on the same nail and work hard in trying to open the eyes of the Hispanic community, regardless of where anyone came from, because for the American people, especially American politicians, we are all “Mexicans” and they treat us all the same way regardless of any difference that may exist between the countries where we came from.

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