It’s not too late to become a Republican

Las Vegas Tribune officially announce our endorsement and our support to a former Democrat, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee for governor of the great state of Nevada.
Las Vegas Tribune officially announce our endorsement and our support to a former Democrat, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee for governor of the great state of Nevada.

There is nothing more dangerous and there are no bigger liars than politicians running for reelection or trying to advance to a higher position; but politicians keep forgetting that nowadays, all and every word they say stays around forever.
During a 2019 interview with NPR, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke about her views on immigration, saying: “I disagree with any policy that would turn America’s back on people who are fleeing harm ways. I frankly believe that it is contrary to everything that we have symbolically and actually say we stand for.”
“And so, I would not enforce a law that would reject people and turn them away without giving them a fair and due process to determine if we should give them asylum and refuge,” Harris added.
Two years later during an unwanted visit to Guatemala the Vice President clearly said, “At the same time, I want to be clear to folks in the region who are thinking about making that dangerous trek to the United States-Mexico border: Do not come. Do not come,” she added. “I believe if you come to our border, you will be turned back.”
This is a typical Democrat trick where they tell the person in front of them what they think that person wants to hear, but is not necessarily the truth, like the voters expect.
Ronald Reagan was tired of the unnecessary lies of the Democrats and proved his honesty in 1962 by changing parties and becoming one of the best Republican presidents in the history of this nation.
Donald Trump registered as a Republican in 1987, switched to the Democratic Party in 2001, and back to the Republican Party in 2009.
The Las Vegas Tribune has supported and endorsed these two presidents twice and we are very proud of it.
In 2015 for the first time we placed a political sign on our building, and a few days later the building was vandalized; but the police
department refused to file a police report and we then placed eight political signs in front of our building because we do not scare
In 1961, during the Bay of Pig invasion of Cuba, the new Democratic President of the United States of America lied to the 1,400 Cuban
Patriots hoping to overthrow the two-year-old communist regime of the Island less than one hundred miles from Miami by offering military air back-up that never arrived and the invasion was a failure.
Democrat Nevada US Senator and one-time Majority Leader Harry Reid has been promising illegal immigrants a way to become legal with a path to citizenship during every election or every time he wants to patronize them for many years, but it never happened because he is a lying Democrat.
President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are both Democrats and liars, but they are a little more dangerous because they
have a communist mentality and are trying very hard to turn this country into another Cuba or even Venezuela.
Kamala Harry is a manipulative person waiting for the opportunity of becoming the first female president and also being the person who can turn this nation into a communist nation against the wishes of many naïve Democrats in the United States.
Democrats are evil machiavelian haters that have respect for no one and are desperate for destroying this wonderful country.
Every time we support or endorse a former Democrat-turned-Republican, they become a magnificent leader and that is what we are doing one more time.
Las Vegas Tribune newspaper was the first newspaper to endorse and support Donald J. Trump for President of this great nation and he
became the best president in a very long time, since Ronald Reagan, another Democrat-turned-Republican.
We do not care what anyone says now; we were the first newspaper in the nation to endorse Donald Trump. We know that and God knows that, and now locally we are doing the same with North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee.
We officially announce our endorsement and our support to a former Democrat, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee for governor of the great state of Nevada.
Regardless of who may come to join the list of candidates to lead the state of Nevada, we at Las Vegas Tribune, proudly offer our support
and with pride offer our endorsement to the best candidate to lead our state for the next eight years.
We hope and pray that those who know us and believe in our good nature will follow our decision and also offer their support to John Lee for the Governorship and leadership of our great state of Nevada.
We have not talked to Mayor Lee or his campaign about this endorsement and maybe this will be as much of a surprise to them as for many Nevadans who believe in us. In sixty-two years we may have only been wrong twice, and this is not going to be one of them.

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