“Dr. Michael Nuccitelli Warns the Public- “Use the Internet with Caution”” by Sandy Zimmerman



Dr. Michael Nuccitelli is a Psychologist, Cyberpsychology Researcher, Online Predator and Cybercriminal Psychology Safety Educator, Investigator, and the creator of the world famous iPreditor concept.

Hidden behind the cloak of the internet, you can’t see the real person! Without a conscience, iPreditor’s want to use information technology to harm others, steal money, or for other devious reasons.

You even have to think when opening your email, Facebook, or other social media before you click any button, and don’t provide your personal information.

Dr. Nuccitelli explained, “If you use information technology to harm others, if you have an awareness that you are causing harm and you create online deception, then you are an iPreditor.”


Even more startling, this anonymous entity could be a person, a business or a country!


The use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to stalk, control, manipulate or habitually threaten a child, adult, business or group. Cyberstalking tactics include false accusations, threats of harm, habitual monitoring, surveillance, implied threats, identity theft, damage to property, gathering information to manipulate and control their target.


Both the aggressor and target are minors. The adult forms of cyberbullying are called cyberstalking, cyber harassment, defamation, libel and slander.


i PREDOPATHY: Describes a character disorder when online users skillfully use cyberspace to troll, victimize, control and manipulate other online users. Driven by grandiosity, a need for power or sexual perversion, they experience minimal to no remorse or guilt.



Available to all parents and educators is a free internet safety and cyberbullying slide show. Created by Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. This is an educational/ awareness presentation for all online users.  Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. | Free Cyberbullying Slide Show (ipredator.co)

Dr. Nuccitelli’s website is more like a text book, the most comprehensive, complete study.


SANDY ZIMMERMAN: TELEVISION: With 25 years’ experience as award-winning producer/ television talk show host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV Television Programs, “Discover the Ultimate Vacation” travel specials, and documentaries;



LAS VEGAS SHOWS: Sandy acted as Public Relations/ Advertising & Promotions Director for Las Vegas production shows, and celebrities: “Flash Dance Fever”, “Cotton Club on Parade”, “Men of Paradise”, “Tribute to the Beatles”, Rita Rudner, Sherman Helmsley, Gallagher, “Ladies of Comedy” and many more;

AWARD-WINNING: Sandy wrote/ produced the “John & Marsha” All American Burger Chain TV commercial, WINNER of the “Award of Excellence” by the Las Vegas Advertising Federation. Sandy produced/directed/wrote “Truffles, Wine and Castles Tour of Northern Italy”, “Visiting a Yurt along Marco Polo’s Silk Road, China” travel special named “Travel Shows of the Week” by the Las Vegas Review Journal;

BOOKS/After five trips to China and years of research, Sandy wrote the book “China, The Sleeping Dragon: A Travel Guide to China”. Her trip to Australia inspired the biography historical novel “Ned Kelly, the Wild Young Man in Australia’s Past”. Sandy wrote/designed “Escape to Thailand Travel Guide”;

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