What made George Floyd so special?

Four well trained police officers could not handle George Floyd resistance
Four well trained police officers could not handle George Floyd resistance and could not place him in the back seat of the police cruiser. The media ignored this.

Last week marked the first-year anniversary of the death of Minnesota resident George Floyd. As we all know, Floyd is the man who was made into a hero and a saint by the communist media, regardless of his criminal record and the fact that the Minneapolis Police were called to a local business because someone was trying to pass some counterfeit money.
For one full year the people in this nation have had to hear about George Floyd; a mural was painted with his picture sporting wings and a halo, making him appear like an angel or a saint, as if we need to have George Floyd appear in such an image.
George Floyd became a poster child; an idol to many agitator groups, and a bread-and-butter martyr for his family, who reaped lots and lots of money from the police department in Minneapolis and other government entities. His family was even welcome at the White House; the George Floyd family made the President of the United States of America come out of the basement to welcome them in the same house where he has welcomed royalty as the supposed leader of the “free world.”
Today we want to show the American people what the communist media DO NOT want to admit or show by obediently doing their job of hiding the truth not only from the American people but also from the world.
The Communist media want us to believe that George Floyd was a victim of the police and the judicial system when in reality he was not a victim at any time and the injustice was committed by prosecutors and a judge that were too cowardly to play fair and back up all those police officers that have become victims of the George Floyd spell.
Let us look at George Floyd’s resume: 6 burglaries, 3 car thefts, multiple trespasses, 2 violent home invasions, 3 armed robberies; he also dealt Fentanyl and Meth, passed counterfeit money, beat 4 victims senselessly and was arrested 23 times since 1998. During the trial of the Police Officer Derek Chauvin accused of murdering George Floyd, both sides — the prosecutors and the defense — showed a police camera video where “Saint” George Floyd was seen resisting arrest and four professional police officers were not able to place him in the back seat of the patrol car.
Murders that didn’t get nationwide publicity like Floyd Daunte Demetrius Wright, October 27, 2000 — April 11, 2021; Brooklyn
Center, Minnesota; Shot: Brooklyn Center Police Officer, April 11, 2021 Marvin David Scott III, 1995 — March 14, 2021; McKinney, Texas; Pepper sprayed/Restrained with spit hood/Asphyxiated: 7 Collin County Jail Detention Officers, March 14, 2021 Patrick Lynn Warren Sr., October 7, 1968 — January 10, 2021; Killeen, Texas; Shot: Killeen Police Officer, January 10, 2021 Vincent “Vinny” M. Belmonte, September 14, 2001 — January 5, 2021; Cleveland, Ohio; Shot: Cleveland Police Officer, January 5, 2021 Angelo Quinto, March 10, 1990 – December 26, 2020; Antioch, California; Knee on neck/Asphyxiated: December 23, 2020 Andre Maurice Hill, May 23, 1973 — December 22, 2020; Columbus, Ohio; Shot: December 22, 2020, Columbus Police Officer Casey Christopher Goodson Jr., January 30, 1997 — December 4, 2020; Columbus, Ohio; Shot: December 4, 2020, Franklin County Sheriff Deputy Angelo “AJ” Crooms, May 15, 2004 — November 13, 2020; Cocoa, Florida; Shot: November 13, 2020, Brevard County Sheriff Deputies Sincere Pierce, April 2, 2002 — November 13, 2020; Cocoa, Florida; Shot: November 13, 2020, Brevard County Sheriff Deputies Marcellis Stinnette, June 17, 2001 – October 20, 2020; Waukegan, Illinois; Shot: October 20, 2020, Waukegan Police Officer Jonathan Dwayne Price, November 3, 1988 — October 3, 2020; Wolfe City, Texas; Tasered/Shot: October 3, 2020, Wolfe City Police Officer
Dijon Durand Kizzee, February 5, 1991 – August 31, 2020; Los Angeles, California; Shot: August 21, 2020, Los Angeles County Police
Rayshard Brooks, January 31, 1993 — June 12, 2020; Atlanta, Georgia; Shot: June 12, 2020, Atlanta Police Officer Carlos Carson, May 16, 1984 — June 6, 2020; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Pepper Sprayed/Shot in Head: June 6, 2020, Knights Inn Tulsa Armed Security Guard, former sergeant and detention officer with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office David McAtee, August 3, 1966 — June 1, 2020; Louisville, Kentucky; Shot: June 1, 2020, Louisville Metropolitan Police Officer Tony “Tony the Tiger” McDade, 1982 — May 27, 2020; Tallahassee, Florida; Shot: May 27, 2020, Tallahassee Police Officers.
And now we ask, why is George Floyd so important to the liberal injustice system of this nation? Why not any other person that for one reason or another has found their death at the hands of any member of any police department?

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