History always repeats itself

By Perly Viasmensky
Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced a resolution to block the sale of a $735 million package of weapons to Israel, a country that has been a loyal ally of the United States, to defend several attacks from Gaza as Israel doesn’t have women and children to be devastated by such attacks.
Mr. Sanders in his socialist mentality has the audacity to say in a statement: “At a moment when U.S.-made bombs are devastating Gaza, and
killing women and children, we cannot let another huge arms sale go through without even a congressional debate.”
A similar resolution was introduced in the House of Representatives by a group of socialist lawmakers that included Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It is not surprising to see such a resolution from Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, who has proven more than once that her gray matter is very limited and she is only centered in her communist mentality.
Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is ignoring the fact that Israel only responded to the initial attacks from Gaza. They need to defend themselves by responding to the initial attacks.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in a statement: “For decades, the US has sold billions of dollars in weaponry to Israel without ever requiring to respect basic Palestinian rights; in so doing, we have directly contributed to the death, displacement and disenfranchisement of millions.”
I am not surprised by the comments of that young woman, Ocasio-Cortez, because her knowledge of history is very limited; apparently it was never her preferred subject when she was going to school. There is a big difference between knowledge of history and preparing a Bloody Mary.
Very unfortunately, the United States has made many mistakes when it comes to defending its allies, for the simple reason that it has many socialist minds in key positions of the government.
Let’s take as an example Venezuela, one of the richest countries in South America. History won’t let me lie — General Marcos Perez-Jimenez
was a strong and loyal ally to this country. He was deeply double-crossed when the United States betrayed him in favor of Romulo Betancourt, a well-known card-carrier of the Socialist Party. Step by step Venezuela was degraded until what it is today. People are murdered on the streets of the country defending their country of the red cancer which is communism.
Cuba was placed on the same level. General Fulgencio Batista was a loyal friend of the United States, even though many called him a dictator. The United States refused to sell arms to the Cuban government to defend the prosperous island from communism. Cuba went through the government of Dominican Republic to obtain the highly needed arms from the United States.
What happened then? Cuba paid for the package of weapons and very graciously the United States threw the arms to the rebel forces in the mountains of Oriente province. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed, among them women and children. How do I know?
Because I have had the opportunity to see copies of the invoices of the transactions of those negotiations between Cuba and the third country, the Dominican Republic. How do I know? Because the military attaché of Cuba in Dominican Republic was Coronel Juan Antonio
Estevez-Maymir, my maternal uncle and Godfather.
Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is very concerned about the fate of Palestinians, without thinking that Palestinians have been at war for thousands of years.
If a neighbor of a third cousin of the Virgin Mary gets out of her grave, Palestinians will attack that person just for being friends with the Virgin Mary.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky,
email her at pviasmensky@lasvegastribune.com.

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