Give us liberty instead of killing us all

By Ed Uehling
Life is really simple: Eat well and don’t expect other people or government agencies (which are funded by other people) to pay for your incompetence, overeating or stupidity. Consider the interests of other people as you would expect them to regard your interests. In other words, don’t do things to others that you would object to their doing to you. If you are in government, treat people equally and don’t presume that you are entitled to any special privilege, like higher-than-normal compensation and certainly no hidden money for performing the job that you applied for or sought to be elected to.
Apply the same rules to every PERSON and different rules to government-created institutions such as public agencies and corporations and limited liability partnerships. Establish rules for government created entities that support the interests of everyone, as well as those who benefit directly from that entity’s creation and existence.
Where, then under such a system, does any official in government get the idea a corporation should be given a special right, not available
to actual human beings, to declare that those human beings no longer have rights granted to them since the beginning of humanity itself?
Yet the legislature of the State of Nevada actually has a majority of elected officials who believe such nonsense: THESE CORPORATE PUPPETS ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT THE ALREADY MOST PRIVILEGED CORPORATIONS IN THE STATE CAN BE GIVEN THE RIGHT TO DICTATE
Worse, neither the corporations receiving these benefits valued at billions of dollars nor their puppets pay one penny to the owners of all or even ONE of those properties. Worse, the corporations only pay their puppets: those members of the Assembly and Senate who vote with such total disregard for the PEOPLE of Nevada!
This over-the-top abuse (actually rape or assassination) of elemental morality, basic human and property rights, common sense, our nation’s and state’s basic documents including the Declaration of Independence, “We, the People’s” Constitution, the Constitution of the State of Nevada, etc., etc., etc., was hatched in the 2019 Legislature by its puppet majority, the governor and their so-called “lawyers” (who apparently have no concept of “law” in a free nation or state). That legislature, that same governor and those same “law”yers, declared the “right” of their government created corporations (who, not coincidentally, paid millions to the former in order to be given permission to steal billions from the private and unwitting owners of the 150 acres surrounding their casino/hotels). Steal? By what mechanism?
The above puppets bought the bill of goods from the casinos that the latter were “concerned,” actually “terrified,” that the “Masters” of us all, from Washington, D.C., would somehow shut down our 100-billion-dollar economy if anyone were to carry as much as a leaf of marijuana into one of their hotels! Because of this artificially generated “fear,” which they sold as legitimate to their puppets, someone had to pay. It wouldn’t be the puppets, of course, even though they made the laws that created billionaire marijuana dealer/friends who were licensed to sell to residents and visitors (who pay additional billions to stay at casino resorts) while criminalizing ALL visiting marijuana consumers! Yes, our “leaders” are actually that ingenuous, devious and stupid: they declared the consumption of marijuana outside of one’s personal residence to be criminal! In
search of a scapegoat who would pay the price for this stupidity, they attacked the property owners who happened to own property within 1,500
feet of a casino by declaring they would be unable to rent their land (after November 2019) to ANY business involving marijuana production
or sales! Through personal experience, I can state confidently that that prohibition can represent a loss of three million dollars for the smallest of affected properties. Therefore, thanks to the puppets (who were either negligent or conniving enough to criminalize all marijuana-using tourists) each of the thousands of property owners, who just happen to be within 1,500 feet of a casino, were forced to make a $3 million donation to that casino!
As if that weren’t bad enough, today’s puppets have indicated their willingness to help the casinos AMPLIFY their attacks on private Nevadans by allowing their patrons to triple-down on their brazen plot to control their neighbors’ land: Their puppets in the Assembly approved AB363, which prohibits those who own the 450 acres surrounding each casino from even renting a bedroom, much less a whole house, to even one visitor! The very notion that one business should be allowed by our representatives to even consider giving that one business activity authority to control the activities of its competitors is not just offensive and anti-competitive, but both betrays everything our country and our State of Nevada stands for and is ultimately self-defeating — self-defeating because, based simply on the growth of tourism in the world since 2007, at least 90 million
tourists per year would like to come to Las Vegas to gamble, spectate, play, spend money, be entertained, etc. And the only way to accommodate 90 million people is to offer them the additional room needed in the homes of private individuals.
The Casino Cartel and their puppets in the Legislature would have us believe somehow that the people who stay in locals’ homes are 1) the only people who party all night and disturb the entire neighborhood; 2) citations for noise violations were issued during the past year by Clark County’s code enforcement gestapo and it is yet to be determined if these two vicious criminals were long- or short-term renters or homeowners); or 3) wallflowers who will spend all their time in Las Vegas staring at the wallpaper of their Airbnb and never pull the arm of one of their casinos’ slot machines. Of course, no one believes that, least of all the casinos themselves and their puppets.
No, the problem is one of attitude and vision. The casinos see only themselves and today. They have Nevada, their bought-off puppets throughout government and many voters ignorantly financing their trillion-dollar expansion into other markets. We even pay for THEIR toys now. What a change from the days when I was growing up here.
People came to Nevada then (in the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s) as criminals from their home state to expand Nevada’s freedom society and economy:
almost no taxes, legalized no-fault divorce, prostitution, no-speed limits on highways, growth-minded leadership, businesses that begged for beds in our homes, etc. The fact that the population grew exponentially is proof of human beings’ desire for freedom. If our major industry is going to continue to finance puppets to take away that liberty in order to channel every dollar through its hands, look out, because there are 7 billion other people in the world yearning for the same liberties I experienced as a child and teenager growing up here. Those 7 billion have choices: they can either come here and enjoy our freedoms or develop even greater freedoms in other places.
We have to stop thinking that people HAVE to come to Las Vegas. That is what the greedy steel and automobile manufacturers and their unions
thought in the ’70s and ’80s in the Midwest and Eastern US. Today they are hell holes, or as a previous president would say, “sh**holes.”
Life is simple: Eat well and realize that everyone else yearns for and is entitled to the liberties we wish for ourselves. Let’s figure out ways to discourage the puppets and those who buy them in order to steal from us — BEFORE they turn Las Vegas into a “sh**hole”!

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