If a person has only one talent, they are lucky, Tedi Brunetti has several as she is a bandleader, singer, songwriter and more recently recording producer.

Tedi enjoyed her career as a female drummer yet she is talented in other fields and there is so much more for her to do! Switching from drummer to singing and composing songs became her new objective, another way of expressing herself with music.

Tedi’s first single and video “Evil Woman”, just released in May, 2021, was produced at two locations. The first was a hair salon with young stylists and the second, a loft with a view of the strip. “Evil Woman” is a love story of two women who want the same man.  That’s not new but the clever way Tedi presented them was a quick character study. We watch the nasty “Evil Woman” in contrast with the other, a more refined beautiful woman.

Scenes change as the music comes alive and takes over interchanging with the drama, we see close-ups of each of the musicians playing their instruments. The viewers will be surprised when some of the partygoers suddenly began singing adding a new dimension to her song.




As Tedi Brunetti explained, “Evil Woman” is aimed at all those wicked man-eating vixens who will do just about anything to get their prey.” During the song “Evil Woman”, Tedi sings, plays the drums, as well as composed and produced the song!




Using all of her talents, Tedi is experiencing a new phase of her career where everything looks

brighter and even more

exciting. Imagine, she is in her 60’s and ready
with two dynamite albums!

Tedi’s “Queen of Pittsburgh”, to be released in July, brings her own interpretation to music, a feeling of satisfaction for choosing her career as drummer and looking at the exciting highs of her life and family. Perhaps they will call her the Queen of Pittsburg!

Watch for these great songs and keep up with Tedi Brunetti’s career in her website and social media-     www.tediburnetti.com


Sandy attended the opening party for ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK

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