Inquiring minds want to know…

There is a difference between Democrat and Democracy and that is why people who come to this country looking for the kind of democracy that many of them do not have in their own country join the Democrat Party; the Democrats take advantage of that misconception and are at the Federal Courthouse or at any place where the ceremony for new American Citizenship takes place and immediately go to work enlisting these new Americans into the Democrat Party.
The Republicans do not mislead these new Americans; they only wait for the newly enlisted Democrats to wake up and realize that they have been taken; some act immediately, others take a little time and the rest take advantage of the “money” Democrats spread around them and if they never had much in their country of origin they are happy with the charity they get from the Democrats and become faithful puppets of the     party that never does anything for them.
It is important to learn that no one gives out anything without expecting something in return and on many occasions “something” is much more than what they receive for selling their soul to the devil and that is why the Republicans do not chase anyone; they just wait until the new Americans open their eyes and welcome them to real American hospitality.
Democrat President John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural address, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your
country.” But we can play a little with these words and come up with something like, “It is not what a country can do for you, it is what you can do in a country that opens its arms and the road to success for you.”
Remember that old saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
In other words, the Democrats give you a fish and try to control you forever; the Republicans open the doors to opportunities and it is up
to you how to succeed in a free country as long as you want.
Democrats like to play a game mainly with minorities by opening the doors of Welfare, Food stamps, housing and medical; unemployment does
not count because unemployment is your own money that you contribute to while you’re working.
The communists in Cuba do the same thing; people may not have to pay for housing, but when that happens, you are owned by the government;
when there is a parade, or a celebration of any kind, the citizens are obligated to be there for “the country,” but in reality, it is for the government.
Harry Reid, the infamous Nevada Senator, former Majority Leader and one of the top chess players in the nation, first was against illegal immigration, then was in favor and has been promising the hard-working immigrants all sorts of things for years and never made the promise
Immigrants do not need any favors from the “Abuelito” (Grandfather, as an immigrant calls him). Immigrants do not need any favors from
anyone; there are enough greedy businesses in the nation to look out for the illegals that they no longer need the government, or politicians during election time — Democrats or Republicans — they are all alike because they do not need to be legal immigrants for car dealers to get them to buy a big fancy truck. They do not need to be legal immigrants to open a bank account. Banks are greedy enough to let them open a checking account, a savings account and even a CD account. They do not need a Nevada driver’s license because they either have a TIM card or a driver’s license from their own country.
They do not need anything else — bank accounts, credit, vehicles, or any other amenity that only the American citizens and legal immigrants
should enjoy, but there is enough greed among our politicians, elected officials, “respectable businesses” and community members in general
that nothing else counts and nothing else is important.
On top of all that, Democrats allow all these grandkids of Harry Reid to go to the polling place and vote for those names they have written
on a piece of paper so they will not make the mistake of forgetting one single name.
If we are wrong with our way of saying what we want to say, then we challenge all those Democrats that are out there accusing everyone who
does not agree with them, saying all sorts of things and we ask why voters’ observers are not allowed in the voting polls. Why are the glass windows covered with wood paneling? Why are observers not allowed in the counting rooms? Why are Republicans treated like the enemy?
Inquiring minds want to know….

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