Americans are now living in a government-controlled system

By Perly Viasmensky
Communist regimes like Cuba and Venezuela are a good example for comparison of what we are getting to be in this supposedly free country, a country that everyone wants to come to; a country that people are risking their life to get into; the best country of them all.
However, the American people are told when to water their grass, when to wash their automobiles, even how much water to use. American people are told what television shows they can watch, and when, and are told when they can use their air conditioning or their heating units on their own property. They pay their own utility bills with their own money, but they are told how and when they can use their own utilities.
Cox cable charges an arm and a leg to watch old television shows, as old as the ‘50s and ‘60s, and then they interrupt the programing to do “maintenance” and the customers are forced to stop watching their old television shows or the “infomercials” news cast so Cox can “maintain” their old equipment. They change the channel as they please, and if the customer does not write down the number of the channel they are watching, they have to start switching the channels until they find the one they previously had, hoping the show had not ended before they get back to it.
The water company is aware that the customer has a water leak in the meter because the customer calls to inquire why the bill is so high, but they keep their mouth shut because it is profitable for them if they pretend that we are not telling the truth, but we can give them two addresses of those we know who have been victims of the water district.
Nevada Power, alias NV Energy, forces people to change their meters to the so-called “Smart Meter” because they want to control their customers, telling them when, how, and how much power they can use. In the middle of the night, Nevada Power, AKA NV Energy, shuts down the thermostat, and one has to suffocate in the summertime or freeze in the winter because that is the way the control freaks of the Nevada Power AKA Nevada Energy want it.
We know a case where the customer was given a letter from his doctor explaining that because of his heart and lung problems he could not
have the so-called Smart Meter due to the radiation, but when the customer passed away, before he was even buried, an employee of the Nevada Power (also known as NV Energy) went to his home and told the family that if they do not allow him to change the meter he will disconnect the power from the main pole.
All this happens because the residents of this county allow it to happen; some are too busy trying to make a living, others are too busy gambling and drinking, and others are too lazy to get involved with the issues and problems of their community, and some plain do not give a damn — and the city, the county, the state and all those companies take advantage of them for their own benefit.
There is no need for so many California automobiles to be driving in our city with their California license plates. It is a fact that Las Vegas is a tourist destination and the Highway Patrol and the Department of Motor Vehicles cannot stop every California-licensed car that is driving on our streets; but as we have suggested to the DMV, all they have to do is go into the employees’ parking lot to collect lots of money.
Once we commented to a DMV Executive that we counted 119 California plates on Decatur between Desert Inn and Meadows Lane, and another
time we counted more than 50 cars in the parking lot of Walmart, and we do not believe that people are driving from anywhere in California
to shop at a Walmart in Las Vegas.
A former Marine — extremely strict with his appointment time because, as he said, he “learned in the Marines to be honest, punctual and strict with his time” — has been in the Las Vegas area for twenty-five years, working with lots of attorneys, and still has Florida plates on his Sport Utility Vehicle, better known as an SUV.
While all this took place within the so-called “perfect world of our government,” police officers B. Foster, badge number 16314, and R. Lopez stopped a man with guns and other scary firearms outside on the public road, and stopped a man in his own parking lot, for having an
expired license.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky,
email her at

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