Police Officer, this could be you!

By Alexandra Cohen
Las Vegas Tribune
Every police officer in America should take a look at the photo to the right and look at themselves in the same predicament if they happen to confront, arrest, or be face-to-face with a Black man during their shift patrolling the streets of their respective cities.
Today police officers know when they are coming to work, but don’t know if they will be going home to their families because the Black community has been taken over by Black criminals who are using the color of their skin to agitate and aggravate the police officers if they happen to be stopped for whatever reason.
The Las Vegas Tribune has named those individuals that use the color of their skin to provoke the on-duty officers who have the misfortune to stop some of those Black In Name Only (BINO) agitators as the “suicide bombers” of today who may very well be paid by any of the Soros organizations.
That is why we have written about the risk that police officers may face when they stop a Black driver or a Black person walking on any of the streets of their cities.
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Undersheriff Chris Darcy, in a press conference approximately two weeks ago, stated “It’s a victory for justice,” referring to the guilty verdict of the Minnesota police officer who was tried for the death of a Black man resisting arrest.
The prosecutors in the trial that lasted two weeks brainwashed the jurors by saying that the defendant did not resist the police officers, but those who were not prohibited from watching television saw three police officers trying to place a huge Black man in the back seat of one police cruiser.
“What we saw was a person, who happened to be a police officer, commit murder and then stand trial for it and was subsequently convicted for     it, and that shows that the system works,” stated Undersheriff Darcy.
But what WE, the public, saw were three on-duty police officers trying to place a big Black man under arrest and who resisted the police command and refused to be placed in the back seat of the police cruiser.
If, instead of that big Black man, the arrestee was a White  man, the police officer would not have been on trial and it would not still be an issue that the national instigator media has given an extra amount of attention to. The trial was almost three weeks ago and television stations all over the nation are still talking about it, as well as newspapers still writing about that disingenuous trial.
Darcy said, “The department’s goal is to keep both the community and its officers safe at such demonstrations,” but as much as we respect Undersheriff Darcy, it seems to be a spoken dream because it cannot go both ways. As long as the community does not respect the uniform of those police officers, there is not going to be peace; as long as there still are bad-apple officers like Mike Bunker, Rod Mathis, Max Huggins Sr., Bobby Hitt, Roy Chandler and many others in Metro’s past, plus the new era of police officers like B. Foster (badge number
16314), and R. Lopez, who both have been known to exhibit arrogance and abusiveness, especially toward citizens who do not show aggressiveness or resist the orders of the police officer like that Black man in Minneapolis did.
Undersheriff Darcy seems to be failing in memory when he forgets that only two years ago the entire vice unit was involved in a scandal involving a respectable decent judge who was being a good mother defending and protecting her own daughter, but that was used by the alleged “protectors of the law” who abused what their badge stood for under color of that vice unit.
In New York City, The nation’s largest metropolitan area, cops are retiring or quitting the New York Police Department at a greater-than-usual rate.
Why is that? It is because the supposed “justice” that Undersheriff Darcy claims may be opening the eyes of the rank and file when they see their supposed “leader” testifying against one of their own and other police officers and supervisors, may really only be seeing the need to follow that path, or the orders, of their Chief for personal resentment reasons, and/or out of hate.
This is what can happen to police officers all over the country if they are in a situation such as the one that took place recently in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, where a female police officer accidentally shot a young Black man who refused to follow orders from the police after being stopped for a traffic violation. Brooklyn Center Police Department Chief Tim Gannon resigned after the incident following his subaltern path.

Editor’s note: We do not use the names of the officers so we will not taint their names any more than the national media has already done, and we do not use the names of the people who claim to be used and abused by police because we let the national media keep making them martyrs and victims. Two weeks after the trial ended, the national media kept dedicating its ink and air time to glorifying those individuals and we believe that their ten minutes of fame should end.

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