Maxine Waters: Agitating the masses into doing her will

Maxine Waters: Agitating the masses into doing her will
Maxine Waters: Agitating the masses into doing her will

U.S. Representative Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California, showed up at a protest in Brooklyn Center in Minnesota on Saturday night, saying demonstrators needed to stay on the streets, demanding justice until police reform becomes a reality.
Waters told reporters that if former police officer, Derek Chauvin, is not found guilty of murdering George Floyd, “we have got to stay on the street and we have got to get more active, we have to get more confrontational. We have got to make sure that they know that we mean business.” (In other words, they must find him guilty. Justice according to Waters. End of story.)
It is ironic that President Donald Trump was impeached for supposedly inciting the January 6 Capitol Hill riot and this aging woman is inciting violence among people of her own race.
Waters actually called for violence in the streets of our country, but the reaction has been muted by the many government officials on the left.
We wonder where Nancy Pelosi, Amerish Babulal, Jerry McNerney, Barbara Lee, Eric Swalwell, Jim Costa and the rest of the Democrats representing the State of California are and why they cannot bring this woman to her senses.
Maxine Waters is inciting young people to ignore curfew orders and to fight for her racism, ideals and beliefs without taking into consideration that many could lose their lives (or their jobs) or end up in jail just to please her and follow her evil instincts and carry out the hate she is spewing toward the White race.
This is not the first time this aging lady, Maxine Waters, has called for mob action. She did the same in 2018 during the Donald Trump administration when she said: “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you tell them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere.” (If only she could have been friends with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He might have been able to set her on a better path leading to the kind of resolutions we need through peaceful means instead of “If you don’t do what we expect you to do, we’ll simply attack you in any way we have to until we [meaning of course, Maxine and her followers] get our way.”
At 82 years of age, Maxine Waters should be home doing anything other than working as the U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd congressional district. She apparently hasn’t learned anything since
she started there in 1991, except how to “better” create a civil war among people who have always gotten along. Proof of that diversified harmony are the many solid marriages of White and Black spouses, and
the many loving and peaceful offspring from those unions.
We all know that this is not really about racism, has little to do with Blacks, Whites, or those in between, but is all about the mentality of a socialist wanting the socialist way to take control over human beings and destroy the true meaning of the United States of America.
When Maxine Waters says “We have got to stay on the streets…” people need to think clearly about what she is saying. “WE” are too many people, and when Maxine Waters sees a crowd of young people fighting, as she egged them on to do for some unknown end result, Ms. Waters herself will be locked in her home in California watching the destruction of a beautiful city like Minneapolis and many others in the United States on her TV.
We all need to realize that George Floyd did not die in vain. He could never provide for his brothers and family while he was alive, but he made good for all of them with the hundreds of thousands of dollars
they have already received since his death. And that doesn’t mean — and don’t think for one minute that it does — that we’re in favor of dying at the hands of police for the financial rewards that may be forthcoming.
It is obvious that Maxine Waters is nothing other than an instigator and agitator of the masses. She talks big behind a podium, but she doesn’t care about the many Black mothers who might have to suffer the loss of a child (regardless of their age).
Maxine Waters will be personally responsible for the loss of many innocent lives, as will Nancy Pelosi, who doesn’t know how to control Maxine Waters and just dutifully performs her duties as Speaker of the House.

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