Eliminating the real virus plaguing America: Control Freaks

By Ed Uehling
Las Vegas Tribune
Incredibly, given all the proofs that lockdowns are destructive in many ways, governments of the world are deciding to use this defective tool once again — using COVID as the excuse — to prevent their own citizens from leaving their country and “protecting” them from “dirty” or contaminated outsiders.
This week it’s Chile which is locked down again. Last month it was England which imposed large financial penalties on those leaving the country. England and Chile are two of the five countries with the highest vaccination rates! Lithuania prevents its citizens from traveling between cities in the country. Spain requires people sunbathing all alone on an isolated beach to wear masks. Comparably insane restrictions exist in dozens of countries, even though we have vaccines, PLUS the experience of previous lockdown failures, PLUS knowledge that a mere sliver of the population — old people and those who have abused or have suffered compromises to their immune systems — are even susceptible to dying from COVID.
Furthermore, we have evidence that the normal mortality rate has been barely affected by this “plague of a lifetime” that is being fought with unprecedented means: shutting down entire economies, putting hundreds of millions out of work, subjecting our children to suffering long-term developmental and economic disadvantages, causing skyrocketing suicide rates, averting — at least in the U.S. — our attention from our REAL plague, obesity, which is the primary cause of so many of the deaths; etc., etc.
One thing — maybe the only thing — that’s good about all the new restrictions is that it makes it easy to pinpoint, eventually eliminate and maybe even permit us to “vaccinate” ourselves against the particularly viral strain of leaders who are continuing to do this, just as they have unfortunately prevailed throughout human
history — the control freaks: the kings and queens, the Andrew Jacksons and LBJ’s, the Stalins, the J. Edgar Hoovers. Reaching that level of human progress would be revolutionary and make all of last year’s suffering worth it.
Perhaps we are about to witness the day when the internet and other modern technology will combine with the innate human tendency to take responsibility for one’s own life and eliminate this toxic strain of human virus. Humanity no longer needs control freaks — those people who are sooooo sure they know what is “best for us” and who are therefore entitled to funnel all of us into the bullpens they have constructed for the purposes of manipulating our minds and behavior and stealing whatever we have produced.
Just imagine how different the world will be once we dump this viral strain of humanity: the Bidens, Trumps and Faucis! Imagine if we could just stop having to deal with the problems that these people and their governments and institutions create! That’s what we think is really happening. Imagine if we were to make it possible for the Elon Musks, the Steve Jobs, and other millennial maniacs to sit in those leadership positions. That is the world we are headed into.
And let’s look at how just one of the countless aspects of society is today and how it will change tomorrow — the “health” industry.
Worldwide, that industry’s self-serving fear-mongering and ignoring of mathematical facts and statistics has caused trillions of dollars in lost productivity, hundreds of millions of lost jobs, possible permanent psychological damage and lifetime lost income to a billion school age children. The U.S. health industry has not just participated in this fiasco, but has been a leader for decades in setting up the health disaster we have witnessed for the past 12 months.
Here are the elements of the U.S. health system which existed before COVID even appeared: 1) the highest cost in the world ($10,000/person/year vs., for example, China at $500/person/year); 2) one of the highest incidences of the fundamental disease we should be fighting in the first place — obesity; 3) decreasing life expectancy; 4) “doctors” who are really state-sanctioned drug dealers; 5) clients of the “health” system having been brainwashed to think that there exists a pill to solve every real and imagined malady; 6) treatment by
pharmaceutical products directed at symptoms but which cause multiple side effects that the system ignores in its grabs for money; 7) one of the worst diets on the plane; 8) refusal to deal with obesity to avoid cultural “shaming” (that is, we can recruit, muzzle and shame everyone into calling out those who don’t wear masks, but dare not point out someone eating less sugar; 9) ignoring centuries of plant-based nutrition and healing history; 10) and giving “health” “experts” (i.e., super control freaks) totalitarian control over our entire society.
Should anyone be surprised that the three trillion dollar “investment” that Americans make into their “health” system produced the single worst “performance” on Planet Earth? Watch, however, after all the money runs out, how those control freaks, who produced the decades-old and ongoing debacle, will be run out of their offices. They are and will be easy to spot and no longer will we have to solve the problems they create.

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