Blue Blood loyalty no longer exists

By Alexandra Cohen
Las Vegas Tribune

Defense attorney Eric Nelson with former Minneapolis Police Officer Eric Chauvin

Minneapolis, Minnesota — The trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin, continued this week ending seven days of obvious one-sided testimony not favorable to the nineteen-year veteran Minneapolis police officer accused of murder and manslaughter never seen before, showing the prosecution is willing to break every law to gain a conviction.
Witnesses, one after another, were in the majority African American, including the alleged drug dealer who may have supplied the drug to
the alleged victim, George Floyd, who was seen in video furniture by the police department and the prosecution resisting his arrest for
trying to pass a twenty-dollar counterfeit bill.
The Minneapolis Police Chief, also of the Black race, while testifying against one of his officers displayed an obvious dislike for the officer saying that he would not be seen in the same room with “that person” trying to diminish his qualifications as a police officer.
The prosecution, unlike its counterpart in Clark County who bows to most members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department and takes orders from them, did an exceptionally good job addressing all his witnesses as if they were about to take communion, including the White girlfriend who admitted, by her own words on the witness stand, being the drug partner of the alleged victim dressed as “secretary” or a “paralegal” to confuse or mislead the jury.
Seeing the alleged drug dealer who was in George Floyd’s car when the Minnesota Police were trying to arrest him brought back memories of the Tabish-Murphy murder trial when they were accused of killing casino mogul and well known, well-liked junkie Ted Binion.
In that trial, a fast-talking prosecutor with lots of political ambition by the name of David Roger subpoenaed Ted Binion’s drug dealer giving him immunity; after finishing his testimony, the presiding judge in the case very seriously told the drug dealer-turned-witness, “Thank you very much for your service; go on with your business.” Roger also subpoenaed the “respectable” doctor who was Binion’s neighbor who was giving prescription drugs over the fence that separated both homes that were found in the millionaire casino owner’s body when he died.
The Minneapolis former Police Officer, Derek Chauvin, is on trial for first degree unintentional murder, second degree murder, third degree murder and manslaughter; the unintentional murder was later upgraded to murder.
As many trials covered by this newspaper have never seen and never heard of all these charges together being applied to the same defendant, always being one or the other by the time the trial starts after the prosecutor chooses the charges they are going to apply to
the defendant.
George Floyd was an unknown man before March 25 when he became the only human being that was given three funeral services never seen before with political figures, dignitaries, royalty or religious personalities; in fact, not even Jesus Christ had three funeral services. George Floyd later became an “Angel” when some unknown artist painted a mural of George Floyd with wings and a halo.
The result of the officer Derek Chauvin’s trial will change the future of law enforcement in this country. The criminal will have a pass to
do anything because the police officers will not take the chance of seeing themselves in the same seat that officer Chauvin is sitting in
today, their hands will be handcuffed and the police officers that swear to help and protect the community will not take the risk of
being separated from their family and spend the rest of their life behind bars or even ending up dead because they will become the
criminals and the criminals will walk the streets of our community.
If by a miracle the jury finds Officer Derek Chauvin not guilty the left groups will start a civil war; and unless the police start acting
like goons and make them pay an eye for an eye, decent citizens will pay the consequences.

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