Who will help Mr. Biden act like Mr. President?

By Perly Viasmensky
It is totally unbelievable, what we have been forced to hear and see in the last three months. Joe Biden is spending $86.9 million of our tax monies to house illegal aliens in hotels. How does he justify spending that amount to house illegals in hotel rooms when there are
homeless veterans and U.S. citizens who could benefit from even some of those resources?
There are hundreds of veterans on the streets of Las Vegas without a roof over their heads because nobody wants to rent to anyone who is “homeless.” Those very same people who put their lives in danger, who fought in different wars to protect the freedoms we enjoyed until a short time ago, and to whom the Biden administration is now denying needed benefits.
We see all those immigrant children, and adults too, wearing brand new T-shirts reading “Biden, please let us in.” Who is paying for those thousands of T-shirts? We wonder and demand to know if that expense is also paid by taxpayers.
These illegal immigrants will also get free food, medical care, and COVID tests, paid for by the hard-working taxpayers of the United States.
So, how exactly does the Biden administration justify prioritizing the housing, feeding, and health care of illegal immigrants over any
American citizen?
Are we forgetting that after Biden’s inauguration and during the incident of January 6 at the Capitol, close to 5,000 National Guardsmen were called to Washington, D.C. and were forced to sleep in a parking garage overnight after being kicked out of the Capitol, while illegal aliens are treated like royals and put in hotels rooms?
The United States spends millions to aid Central American countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. If the presidents of
those countries don’t know how to manage those funds to be able to help their own nationals, it is time for this country to stop all kinds of financial aid. Multiply every dollar by their national currency and they have millions on their hands.
If the presidents of those countries are using the funds to enrich themselves, it is time to stop the human trafficking.
The Democrats of this new administration are in town and yet they still can’t see the houses. Don’t they realize that all those unaccompanied children are just rentals? We already have over 25 million illegal aliens in the country and Mr. Biden is opening the doors to another 25 million?
How does Mr. Biden expect to support all those people? Can’t he see five inches pass his nose to understand that our economy is down the
drain, that the United States of America is already bankrupt, and that we cannot support others when our own citizens are starving?
It is time for the presidents of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to man up and start working for the benefit of their people. They need to create jobs where they can make a decent living, open vocational schools for many of their countrymen to learn a trade, and not send them over to us.
It is well understood that Mr. Biden is not mentally well (a person doesn’t need to go to medical school to see that he is mentally challenged), but can the “President-elect,” as Biden has called Vice President Kamala Harris on more than one occasion. Can his Vice
President, who considers herself smart and intelligent, help him to finally face up to reality instead of letting him be the mockery of
the whole world?
People, heads of states, and more than anybody else, the enemies of this country, are watching, and everyone can tell Joe Biden is not at
all centered.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at pviasmensky@lasvegastribune.com.

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