Poetic Justice

Ed Uehling

By Ed Uehling

Ed Uehling

Can there be anything more delicious than seeing those who consider themselves kings of the world (or of Podunk County) beaten at their own game? Just listen to the uncertainty and even FEAR in the voices of three of the Democrat Party elite — Jon Ralston, Steve Sibelius and Joe Shoenmann — talk on KNPR’s “State of Nevada” Monday, March 15 about how a tiny band of loose cannons actually gathered more votes in the Party election March 7??? to beat the Reid Machine at its own game (https://knpr.org/knpr/2021-03/what-does-nev-democratic-partys-progressive-move-mean-state-politics).
It reminds me of the day the helicopters were struggling to take off from the roof of the U.S. embassy in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam and the first day in office of newly elected President Trump when he proudly wrote the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (the TPP) “because China was using it to take over the world” and when he told American companies making billions in China to move to Vietnam and India.
Let’s look at those three events in chronological order:
—April 30, 1975: People running around in pajamas with the idea in their heads that the institution of western colonialism should be
ended in their country defeat the greatest army in the history of mankind, rather than embrace the self-determination that the USA
brought into the world almost exactly two centuries previous, July 4, 1776. Even today, nearly half a century later, the killers of
3,000,000 Vietnamese in Vietnam itself, demand that the Vietnamese “apologize” for the genocide they were subjected to. Just read the
lies that an otherwise thoughtful, but high-horsed, Dennis Prager wrote on February 22 (https://www.westernjournal.com/dennis-prager communist-atrocities-dont-know-left-hopes-never/ utm_source=Email&utm_medium=aa-newslet &utm_campaign=can&utm_content=firefly).
—January 20, 2017: President Trump blindly ends U.S. participation in the trade group designed to counter trade groupings led by China!!
Then he didn’t stop with destroying the confidence that Japan, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Peru, Chile, Malaysia,
Singapore, and Brunei had in the United States but later demanded that U.S. companies move out of China. Not only is China in favor of moving its existing factories into other countries because, as those countries prosper, China adds hundreds of millions of new consumers of its products, but also compels its own people to concentrate on new technologies (5G, robotics, artificial intelligence, etc.). To add
insult to self-imposed injury, seven of the eleven TPP partners (Vietnam, Australia, Brunei, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand and Malaysia) joined the Chinese-organized Regional Cooperative Economic Partnership (RCEP), which encompasses nearly one third of the world’s
population. That’s win-win-win for China, win-LOSE-LOSE for the US (its only “win” being the false and fast evaporating belief that it
stood up to China) and WIN-WIN-WIN for Vietnam, whose people’s wealth is expanding exponentially.
—March 6, 2021: “OMG, the barbarians have stolen OUR party from Harry Reid, Tick Segerblom and Senator Cortez-Masto”!! Maybe “the
barbarians” will end the pro-corporate, pro-casino hypocrisy scam of establishment Democrats. Maybe, they will fight to equalize private
wages ($10/hour) with public employee salaries, which AVERAGE in some Democrat bureaucrat strongholds as much as $100/hour plus lifetime
pensions. Maybe they will end the laws which permit so-called public servants to accumulate multi-million-dollar pots to guarantee their
continued employment/election. Who knows?

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