New Pain for the mother of Jessie Foster

Jessie Foster, the beautiful 21-year-old Canadian girl who disappeared from North Las Vegas

By Perly Viasmensky

Jessie Foster, the beautiful 21-year-old Canadian girl who disappeared from North Las Vegas in 2006

The worst nightmare for a mother is to have a child missing for 15 long years without any assistance from authorities to find her.
The nightmare Glendene Grant has been living since the disappearance of her daughter, Jessie Foster, the beautiful 21-year-old Canadian girl who disappeared from North Las Vegas, on March 29, 2006, only a mother can understand.
Not only has Glendene Grant had to live with the uncertainty of not knowing what actually happened to her daughter, she now has to live with insensitive people calling her, trying to extort money from her; people who probably know firsthand what happened to Jessie because many members of their family were involved in Jessie’s disappearance.
Last May 2020, Glendene received a call from a man that told her that Jessie was killed 15 years ago and her body is buried at a home in Henderson, Nevada where a garage was built over Jessie’s body. An antique car is now parked in that garage.
The caller said that the man that killed Jessie was rich and powerful and that they fear him. The caller also said he lives where Jessie’s body is buried.
The man asked Glendene for $1,200 to tell her the address where Jessie’s body is. Glendene Grant immediately contacted Henderson Police and hired a private investigator. Henderson police without any further investigation considered the call a scam.
Everybody knows that Jessie was involved with rich and powerful people that even police forces in North Las Vegas and Las Vegas fear.
Then, two weeks ago, around the end of February, Jessie’s mother received another call telling her that Jessie has infectious meningitis and that she is of no use to them anymore. This time they requested 1,200 Bitcoin, which is the equivalent to $85,113,964.75 in Canadian money, to sell Jessie back to her family.
Another call to police, the same private investigator and still no valid answers for a desperate mother.
If a person needs to know how to trace a spoofed call, they usually need to get law enforcement involved. Of course, that is if law
enforcement has the desire to help a family and get to the bottom of a cold case, which is not the case with Jessie Foster.
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Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky,    email her at

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