Let’s open our doors and let just anybody in

Sometimes, all it might take to create policies that would work for this country would be to consider that this country is like our home (which it really is, anyway).
While we would not leave our doors wide open for just anyone to walk in our house and make themselves at home, any time of the day or night, how could we complain if they entered our house through those wide open doors and started to help themselves to anything you had in the refrigerator, then slept in your beds, wore your clothes, or rifled through your closets and drawers looking for anything else that they could use?
If we put up signs that led people to our home, letting them know the doors would be unlocked and wide open, even if we knew we wouldn’t be able to handle all those who came, why wouldn’t they come? And why would they not tell their friends and relatives?
If we did that, we would have to accept that some of those visitors might indeed plan to stay for the duration, whatever that would be,
without legal citizenship. And just try to get them out after they settled in. And some of those visitors might even bring disease into
your home, or other kinds of issues that would not bode well for those of your family. There is no way to check on all those visitors before
they enter your home, and yet you still allowed them in with a kind of “anything goes’’ policy: COVID, crime, dependency, and more. And some have no intention at all of going through whatever it takes to legally become a citizen.
Since some of the people who show up may already be sick, you have to be prepared to take care of them. And if they bring children, whether their own or not, or if children just wander in on their own, what will you do with them? Use that old shed out back, or make some kind of a fenced-in area to keep them in, safe and away from the adults, who may or may not be child abusers?
You do know that because they’re children, they have special needs, and it will be your responsibility to meet those needs since you
allowed them in. And don’t expect that their parents or any of the other adults who just wandered in will personally take care of the
children. But what if the “parents” who do come forth to claim the children just happen to be some kind of human traffickers, selling
children for any number of reasons as long as it brings them a profit? How would you know?
And don’t think that if you take all your signs down that that will solve your dilemma and they will stop coming. The word is out on the
street and one person just tells another. It’s like you opened up a big, fat, stuffed feather pillow on top of a mountain and just let those feather-words fly. How can we ever get them back?
Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter how big your house is, how many rooms you have, or how much money you have to “share” with all the new “guests” in your home. Remember, the word is out and they will keep coming. They will keep coming because your house is better than the house they came from; your beds are more comfortable, your food is more abundant in your refrigerator — at least now, until it’s all gone. Everything is better — and most of it is free for the taking since you just let them in.
While it’s your house and you think you can do what you want to with it, you probably never gave the foundation of the house any thought.
Or even, and especially, your own family. No matter how much you may believe those uninvited visitors have a right to everything they want or that you own, maybe your family doesn’t share that view.
And what about the neighbors? Haven’t they possibly been complaining about a lack of parking space for their own cars? We all have to learn how to care for our own home and care for our own children and other members of our family. But we’re finding that we can’t do it with the amount of money we have. Maybe we’ll have to ask the neighbors to chip in to help us. Or maybe we can just run the house on credit.
We need to remember that our money doesn’t grow on trees. And we especially need to remember that this country’s citizens’ rights
should come before the rights of those who wander into our home just because the door was left open. People forget that a country is the
home of those who were born here or chose to make themselves citizens, and rightfully so. While others are welcome, we can only hope that those who run this country will never forget their own “family” citizens before making the United States a free-for-all.

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