Peaceful protest held in memory of Raul Moran

By Perly Viasmensky
Las Vegas Tribune

Family asking for Justice for Raul Moran

On the morning of March 15, family and friends of Raul Moran gathered for a peaceful protest in front of the Clark County Courthouse requesting justice for their son, brother and friend.
Later in the afternoon they got together in front of Santa Barbara Upholstery Supplies on East Charleston Boulevard where Raul was shot to death.
Two years ago, on March 15, 2019, Raul Moran was shot in the back of his head by Victor Cruz. Raul Moran died of his injuries two days later, on March 17.
Victor Cruz was booked at the Clark County Detention Center on a simple charge of assault with a deadly weapon.
Victor Cruz’s case was never updated to homicide. The criminal complaint prepared by Clark County prosecutors with the information provided by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department homicide
detectives may have skipped the fact that Raul Moran was shot in the back of his head while walking away from his killer and unarmed.
The presiding judge at the time neglected to read the Clark County Coroner’s autopsy report of April 12, 2019, signed by Lisa Gavin, MD, which described Raul Moran’s cause of death as “Homicide.”
It is very difficult for Clark County citizens to believe that during the hearing on March 16, 2019, standard bail was set for Victor Cruz at $20,000 cash or surety and at the status check hearing on filing of  criminal complaint of March 25, 2019, the hearing was vacated and defendant Victor Cruz was released on his own recognizance with electronic monitoring, medium level, with instructions from Judge Joseph S. Sciscento to stay away from the victim. Those instructions were very ironic and cynical.
Did Victor Cruz have any other choice? Of course, he was going to stay away from his victim…his victim was already dead. It was like the life of a human being is totally disregarded by the court, Clark County
prosecutors, and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police detectives.
Two weeks later the case was dismissed by the two prosecutors with some kind of technicality of a Nevada Revised Statute as if the life of Raul Moran was nothing else but garbage to be thrown away. Or maybe
they are waiting for another young man to lose his life by the hand of Victor Cruz.
Raul Moran had a mother who is totally devastated, a father who has lost total faith in the justice system and who will never be the same man ever again, a sister who loved him dearly and small children who
now have to grow up without a dad all the while Victor Cruz is enjoying his life, his family, and his children who will grow up with a father, even though he is a merciless killer.
Lady Justice might be blind, but we need to accept the reality that she has very good ears to hear the crackling of dollar bills next to her ears.

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