Dr. Anthony Fauci’s misleading statements are nothing but lies

“There is no reason for anyone right now in the United States, with regard to coronavirus, to wear a mask,” Fauci told Spectrum News DC on February 14, 2020. So, first he told us that wearing masks would not be necessary, then he admitted that he lied. But because Dr. Fauci is considered the expert, and has been for many, many years, we were told to believe him, and because he was a doctor, “to follow the science.”
And at that point, masks were the only things he lied about, as far as we knew.
People tend to trust the experts because they always want someone to trust. As a physician with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Fauci has served American public health in various capacities for more than 50 years, has served as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, and has been an advisor to every U.S. president since Ronald Reagan, as well as being President Biden’s chief medical director since he took office. That seems to give him reason to be trusted.
His resume sounds impressive and he seems to be what people always wanted: someone people could trust and believe in when it comes to proclamations about the nation’s health and well-being. But what happens when a doctor of Fauci’s qualifications and experience, no less, is found telling bald faced lies — no matter the reason — how does that ever make him trustworthy again? So he really may have believed that people just weren’t up for knowing the truth; or he may have felt that lying about needing masks would keep people from stocking up on the masks that would be needed by the doctors and nurses and other medical practitioners in hospitals. Wouldn’t telling people the truth about everything right from the start have kept him
in that position of being the one doctor we could all trust? It’s one thing to lie to one person to help that person believe he
really has a good chance of getting well; to believe in himself; to keep fighting to stay alive. (And that may even turn out to be true, since dying from any disease is not a given.) But it’s a whole different kind of thing to lie to the whole country and over the
course of that lie being believed, to have people die because they put their trust in the liar. We don’t want to see inflated numbers of people who died from COVID-19 when they might have tested positive but really died from something else, like a heart attack or an accident.
What good did those inflated numbers do for any of us except instill fear in so many people?
Maybe there were many liars during this COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe what was true one week or one month was not true the next. But because the “cat was out of the bag” early on in 2020, we then needed to be told the truth about everything. The very least the foremost expert of diseases of this nature, Dr. Anthony Fauci, could do, is tell us the truth about what we wanted and needed to know.
This country has been through several major wars and several other devastating pandemics: 1918 (the H1N1 virus); 1957-58 (the H2N2 virus); 1968 (the H3N2 virus);, 2009 (H1N1pdm09 virus), and now this.
Didn’t Dr. Fauci think we could handle the truth? Many of us were alive in 1957 and onward, and never did we once get
told to wear masks everywhere and keep six feet apart. We were having regular weddings, graduations, and even funeral services, and were eating out in actual restaurants whenever we wanted. Some of us may never even have known we were involved in all those pandemics.
But while Fauci was going back and forth with his pronouncements, or even just vacillating by not making it clear what the facts were, people were still being told to trust the experts. But we ask: even when they knowingly lie to us?
When a person — even an “expert” — doesn’t know the answer, the general public would rather he just admit it and research it until he has a truthful answer or stay with the answer, “I don’t know, but I’ll try to find out.” If information has been collected, it can be told to us. If it hasn’t, it can never be factually told to us. And while such facts may be important, there’s nothing the average person can do to change those facts. What most people want to know now is just when we can look forward to getting our country back to something resembling normal, if not better than the way it used to be.
We’re tired of hearing about a new projection of needing to carry on with how things are now — mask-wearing, children still out of school, restrictions of businesses, no eating out in restaurants, and so forth — for additional time, maybe well into 2022, when the first projections last year were likely for things to be back to “normal” by fall. Every time we get get close, Fauci moves the “goal post” further away.

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