“Murder at Paradise Cove!” By Sandy Zimmerman


Malibu’s Paradise Cove sounds so romantic, so serene, yet everything changed when it became the setting for murders! This newly released film takes you into the mind of a psychotic homeless woman starring Bauer van Straten (TRUE BLOOD).

Bauer is perfect for the part, she mastered the depth of her character- a woman with evil in her heart and readiness to act whenever she saw anyone standing in her way. Bauer lived under the house daring everyone to keep away. 

BAFTA Nominee Mena Suvari and Todd Grinnell (“One Day at a Time”), a young unsuspecting couple, traveled to Paradise Cove to take possession of the house for an attempt to flip it into a fortune.

Once one of Paradise Cove’s fashionable homes facing the ocean, yet now just a bare shadow of itself after the fire.

Award-winning director/ filmmaker Martin Guigui (Beneath the Darkness, The Bronx Bull) guided this memorable film, preserving the suspense until every secret suddenly became bold surprises!


Guigui’s split-second timing brings those exciting moments of terror to the screen. He kept the action moving and the audience suddenly saw the dangers while they watched and waited as one member of the cast after another was murdered.

During the Streaming Interview, I asked Guigui, “As a director of a thriller film, you have to surprise the audience.”

When Guigui suddenly disappeared off-camera, I didn’t know what happened but that was his humorous way of demonstrating surprise, “Surprising people is where you put the camera, what you don’t see and what you don’t know!”

After we discussed several of Guigui’s famous productions, he commented, “My proudest production of all is my kid!”

How original and clever, he added his kid in his own artistic way!

The film’s Thriller-style script unfolded while Bauer sat within the rafters eavesdropping on the couple’s intimate moments. Bauer seems to be everywhere, hiding in the shadows.

There are no telltale signs of the depth of Bauer’s anger, no warnings of what is yet to come! She smiles but don’t be fooled by her innocent look.  This young couple had the nerve to step into her space!

Bauer kept escalating her attempts to become intimate with Todd even though he was not interested.

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