Deciding on that name-change whether we want it or not

It has been our contention for a very long time that the Democratic Party has always shown their good acting skills, and every time something new happens, we discover, once again, that we are proved right.
It seems natural for a Democrat to lie and/or pretend to be doing the right thing for the right reason at the right time, politically or not.
We all remember the infamous Gary Hart boat trip with model Donna Rice — it’s the only Democrat scandal that was a failure for the political career of the presidential candidate.
As a popular Democratic senator, Gary Hart was a front runner to be his party’s presidential nominee back then until someone published a picture of Hart and Rice in a yacht named Monkey Business.
Then we all heard those infamous words, “I did not have sex with that woman.” Spoken by President Bill Clinton before the stain on the dress of Monica Lewinsky came to light, forcing him to admit the truth, but the media protected him and nothing was blown up into front-page proportions. It didn’t ruin his political career.
But it wasn’t only male Democrats who were found to be caught in the middle of a scandal; there was another Clinton who got herself caught up into the public spotlight when she was at the heart of that American Embassy attack scandal in Benghazi, when the embassy personnel did nothing.
Now fast forward to the most recent scandal — the laptop scandal of Hunter Biden, the son of now president Joe Biden — but the supposed mainstream media kept its mouth shut and never mentioned it more than they were supposed to.
Compare it to the infamous Billy Bush tape during a conversation with then presidential candidate Donald Trump. The media kept that tapegate going on for as long as they could, but at that time the public was not interested in what appeared to be a set up by the Bush Crime Family and it died.
Then the Russian scandal that lasted almost four years with those Russia tapes and the Russia, Russia, Russia, investigation that ended in nothing because it was nothing.
Later it was the election fraud that Democrats emphatically denied but blamed President Donald Trump for carrying on until they created the “indictment” charade that was nothing more than a wasting of time and money.
It is our humble opinion that if you have nothing to hide why create a cover-up, but the Democrats threw the campaign observers out of the election headquarters and election halls and covered all the windows so no one could see anything inside of the electoral places.
The president lost the election that year but the Democratic Party was not satisfied with the alleged “election fraud” and they went to work creating “the attack on the capitol.”
Fast forward even more to when the Democratic Party actually did create that attack to the capitol” and then did blame the president for it.
Only the Democrats could believe that the attack on the capitol was created by Trump followers and that is because they could have created it themselves, but it was the perfect scenario for a second indictment in the same number of years.
Most people who heard about the attack were of the impression that it was not President Trump’s people who broke into the US Capitol; they were under the impression that it was Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Anti-Trump rebels who committed the assault, but the Democratic Party made them believe that it was President Trump’s people and they
believed it.
They believed it because they needed an excuse for their second indictment, even if their so-called excuse was no longer valid, since an ex-president could not be indicted.
That is the national sense of things and it is our humble opinion that there is not much difference on the local scene after attending last week’s County Commission Meeting where the main topic was the name change of the Las Vegas Airport.
It was obvious that the majority of the people commenting on the item were people who attended the meeting for the purpose of agreeing to the name change.
The commissioners already had their mind set and they already knew what the result was going to be, but as good Democrats they had to play the game.
Remember that for the last thirty years the County Commissioners Board has been a Democratic Board and two of the commissioners have publicly admitted that they owe former Senator Harry Reid their job, their career, their fortune and their livelihood, so they already had convinced their board counterparts what the results were going to be and it would not matter what anyone else would think or want.
The results are going to be what the Board of County Commissioners want and not what their constituents want and that is why they created the list of people who agree with the name change even if it bankrupts the county.

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