McCarran Airport in Las Vegas

My Point of View/By Rolando Larraz
Many people are wondering why there is so much hatred nowadays, why there is so much antagonism and so many protests in our lives nowadays; and above everything else, why there is so much disrespect among us.
Who should we blame for this new behavior amongst us? I believe we have to accept the fact that the only ones we can blame for it are the elected officials, the government agents, the law enforcement and everyone else who is in an authority position in government and politics and/or is appointed.
Those people that are elected officials, along with the government agents, law enforcement and everyone else who is in an authority position of any kind, disrespect the citizens in their community every day. They treat the American people as if they are not only ignorant, but also second-class citizens.
Why? Well look at this scenario — the most recent example and what could become a good and obvious example of what we are trying to express here.
The name change of McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. For those of you who do not know McCarran Airport is the main airport in Las Vegas and even if many people do not know who McCarran was, there is a group of boot-licking politicians that have come forward to change the airport’s name to please their master — former US Senator Harry Reid — by naming the airport after him.
The first item on the agenda right after the Pledge of Allegiance is a public comment to listen to or not, because they do not listen to what the public has to say — to allow the public to comment on items before the almighty County Commission. But later on, under item forty, the commission may “discuss and give direction to staff to submit to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) a request to rename McCarran International Airport to Harry Reid International Airport. (For possible action).”
Are these County Commissioners mind readers? How do they know that there are more people in favor of the name change than those opposing the item?
For possible action? Does that mean that the County Commissioners are taking action on items that the public, the citizens who got them seated in their comfortable chairs playing God Almighty, may or may not agree with?
Elected officials, not only the county commissioners, but any other board of appointed or elected members, really don’t care what the American people want, like or expect from their elected officials.
Once they get elected, once they get there, once they sit in those offices, they become God’s gift to the world and they don’t even recognize those who they once begged for their vote prior to the
The name change of McCarran Airport is a simple political payback from those who owe lots of favors to Harry Reid — like former Governor Brian Sandoval, who owes every job and every position he ever had, including a lifelong federal judgeship, to Harry Reid. But we the people do not have, nor do we need, to pay their debts to Harry Reid.
Want to change the name from one Senator to another? How about the Honorable Senator Richard Bryan? It does not have to be a senator; it could be a governor, after all Las Vegas Airport is in Nevada so a former governor’s name could be appropriate also. And then, remember, Governor Richard Bryan’s name comes to light in that regard as well.
But there’s also Governor Bob Miller — the only governor who served in that position for ten years.
Harry Reid is not the only name. Harry Reid is not the most appropriate name for our airport or for any airport, for that matter.
The renaming of the airport is wrong, very, very wrong. First, it will cost lots of money and the remark that “it will not cost the public a cent” line is just a lie; we heard that several times before. Las Vegas Monorail and the Stadium, pet projects for Governor Steve Sisolak, are two that just come to mind.
Why not use names outside politics, names in the gaming industry, our main industry, our money-making industry? Or how about names like Benjamin Siegel whose birthday is in eleven days from today, on February 28.
But no, Ben Siegel’s name, despite the fact that it belongs to the man who has the honor of being the founder of Las Vegas (even if he was not) is too despicable for our new society, a society in which men no longer wear suits, ladies wear jeans with holes in the pant-legs and men appear on national television in tennis shoes.
How about names like Steve Wynn who rebuilt the Las Vegas Strip? How about Charles Kandal or Carl Cohen from the Sands Hotel? Or how about Ross Miller from the Riviera, or Charlie Meyerson who was instrumental in the building of the Mirage Hotel?
The renaming of the airport is simply wrong. But if it ever has to be renamed, we can’t think of any better name than the one that would be most descriptive and one that would be recognized the world over and is already called LAS for Las Vegas. So if there are any changes to be made, let’s all use common sense and only common sense, and call it by what it already is: Las Vegas International Airport.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * * Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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