People have to stop acting childish and stop using racism to win a case

My Point of View/By Rolando Larraz
The word racist is the most common word nowadays to cover the mistakes or the crimes others make. Accusing people of racism just to cover their wrong actions or crimes is not only wrong, it is an act of cowardice.
When we exposed former City Council Ricky Barlow of committing a criminal act while in office it was not because he was Black but because he committed a criminal act; racism had nothing to do with our exposing him.
When we criticized Congressman Steve Horsford for his immoral behavior of having a ten-year-long extramarital relationship with his mistress, racism had nothing to do with his being exposed. He could very well have been a White man with blond hair and the immoral behavior would have been the same.
When a criminal is caught in an illegal, despicable act or even in “just” a simple break-in to steal someone’s property, race has nothing to do with it. Don’t blame the color of your skin when your law-breaking actions are uncovered and brought to light.
The Las Vegas Tribune’s history is very clear and we have never been, in any way, racist. Such behavior has not been a part of our life or our way of acting, not over the years, not now, nor will it be later; our position was, is, and always will be the same.
People have to stop acting childish and stop the irresponsible behavior of using racism to win a case that cannot be won.
Stealing from someone that had put food on the table by someone, who is a born loser, is not the right thing to do even for a Black man pretending to be a religious dedicated Muslim.
We, as a business, as a newspaper, as human beings, have contributed to the Black community as much as anyone else in our city. We do not have to go on and on with our detractors’ charade; the Black community knows who we are and the Blacks who have stabbed us in the back also know who we are and who they are.
We, as a newspaper, are not afraid to be called racist by criminal elements who do not deserve the ink for us to defend our position.
This newspaper was established, created and brought to life for the sole purpose of fighting for the rights of all citizens regardless of color, nationality, or sexual orientation; our sister radio station was the first to give the transgender community their first radio show.
The Las Vegas Tribune owners were number one in creating the first Spanish radio show, the first bilingual answering service, the first Spanish entertainment magazine, the first Spanish television show and the very first Spanish language newspaper in 1962.
We have not measured our actions or based our behavior on anything but what is right; we defend those who deserve to be defended and we expose or attack those who need or deserve to be exposed or attacked.
When the first Black female appointed to the bench, Judge Karen Bennet, was on the bad side of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department because she did not allow Metro officers to run her courtroom, it was the Las Vegas Tribune that took sides with the jurist despite the fact that this newspaper was not one of Judge Bennet’s favorite newspapers.
Judge Bennet is one of the most fair and ethical jurists in our jurisdiction and we consider her to be an example of what a judge should be and how a judge should act.
Many people in this community do not like former Judge Lee Gates for his many ways of being but we consider Judge Gates to be an exemplary jurist and a friend.
It is getting to the point where this newspaper is tired of explaining the difference between doing our daily work and being accused of racism. We may be the only newspaper that does not see the color of the skin when reporting the news, but the actions of those who use the words racist, racism, and race, against us, in an effort to cover up
or diminish their own criminal or immoral actions, is indefensible.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column. Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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