Say no to Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid

Say “No” to Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid

Is it any wonder that two-thirds of the babies born at taxpayer expense at county-run hospitals in Los Angeles are born to illegal alien mothers?”

That was what Democrat Senator Harry Reid said in a scathing 1993 Senate speech. If that was not a racist statement we do not know what is.
Later the flamboyant Democrat changed his tune and became a defender of all the illegals that come in through our borders so he could advance his political career.
It is not known why Clark County Commissioner Richard Segerblom, AKA Tick Segerblom, is so inclined to change the name of the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport to honor corrupt retired Senator Harry Reid, but he has been trying to get that done for several years now.
Harry Reid is not much different than Senator McCarran, or perhaps he’s even worse, so why now — after all these many years with that McCarran name — all of a sudden is Segerblom insisting on changing the airport’s name?
If Clark County is so wealthy that it can afford the expense of a name change, why not be more practical and name it Las Vegas International Airport?
The name Las Vegas is well known worldwide for one, plus the fact that most people do not have any idea who McCarran was.
Why not choose a person with less controversy, or better yet why not choose “Las Vegas International Airport”? It would remove any issues of controversy and let the one city of the thousands which have “Las” in their first names all over the world, which already has the
international designation “LAS,” wrap its arms around that.
Anything that Harry Reid may have done for Nevada during his long stay in the U.S. Senate is what he was supposed to do when he was elected; it was exactly what he was supposed to do and nothing else.
Segerblom states that the entire cost of this procedure would be funded by donations and anyone with a sane mind and common sense knows that we taxpayers would end up footing the bill unless they contact George Soros for a donation, which they probably will.
Is Harry Reid really the appropriate gatekeeper for the billions of tourists wanting to come to Las Vegas? Do we really want Las Vegas to project a hick, one-horse town image to the rest of the world by continuously labeling important projects for Harry Reid? There are lots of other people who have contributed greatly to the development and greatness of Las Vegas. Why not give their names and reputations a chance?
The name that best applies to our airport is Las Vegas but if Segerblom is so infatuated in a person’s name why not pick names like Grant Sawyer, Bob Miller or Richard Bryan — they are all Democrats; we do not even dare to mention any of the other Republican Governors.
What has Harry Reid done to deserve such an honor besides making himself powerful and rich enough to accommodate every one of his family members and close friends?
We believe that the people of Clark County should appear at the next Clark County Commissioners meeting and protest the crazy idea of Commissioner Segerblom to change the name of the airport to Harry Reid Airport.
Why pick a polarizing individual? Is the Board of County Commissioners aware that the name strikes a negative chord in about 40 percent of the U.S. population which has heard of him? And changing the name in a precipitous 14-day period using a political steamroller without consulting with others is a formula. Won’t that alone give permission to the next political wave to pick someone else more to their liking?
Why impose a political decision for something like this — especially when the current President has called for unity and not deeper division — just because one faction currently holds power?
The people of Clark County need to show Commissioner Segerblom that he is not in charge, and show Commissioner Segerblom that he could not ignore the wishes of the people who trusted him to represent each and every one of the members of this community. Also, Segerblom is guilty
of promoting the legalization of marihuana in Clark County and making it a nightmare for law enforcement agents having to decide between alcohol and controlled substances.
Segerblom needs to stop bowing to Senator Harry Reid, his friends and comrades and serve the community as they all deserve.
Commissioner Segerblom needs to listen to his constituents and stop playing games with the future of the community.

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