Credit where credit is due

There is no doubt that Democrats are not only persistent, but also consistent as long as it goes the way they want and as they planned.
Democrats have the benefit of having the communist media on their side covering for them and the benefit that the Republicans don’t know what’s going on or don’t want to fight back.
Remember the Benghazi scandal? The mainstream media only touched on the subject very lightly and the Republicans did not push the issue at all.
However, when the Democrat-Russia alleged scandal was created they kept it on the front burner for five years and still the issue keeps coming up every time they want it to.
Democrats also have the benefit that Donald Trump has been and still is a target for anything and everything and are very lucky that even some of his friends and allies betrayed him making it impossible to defend him.
Even his vice-president ran away when Billy Bush made an unauthorized recorded conversation between Bush and candidate Donald Trump and many people, including Mike Pence, ran away from the presidential candidate when they all thought that was the end of his political career.
Everyone realized that Billy Bush was acting on behalf of, and was instructed by, the Bush clan after they could not follow the Bush Dynasty when the American people did not choose the former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, to be the presidential candidate.
Then came the porno star, Stormy Daniels, with a greedy con-artist attorney trying unsuccessfully to scam the president; but regardless of the anti-Trump media efforts, it did not work because the American people realized that she could have been a token in the hands of a low-class hustle, or a high-priced call girl.
And the most disgraceful act of cowering is the silent Hunter Biden case by the media and the Republicans not asking for a true investigation of his dealings with China followed by the infamous laptop abandoned in a repair shop.
Everything Donald Trump says, did, or does is a reason for criticism from the so-called mainstream communist media regardless of whether it was true or false — if it has the name Donald Trump attached to it, it was wrong according to the anti-Trump mainstream media.
It no longer was the mainstream media, it had turned into the anti-Trump media, the communist media running the show and the Republican Party was doing nothing to counterattack or defend the lies, the slander, the poison spread by the anti-Trump vendetta.
For the last two years we have been trying to open the eyes of the American people and now we can honestly echo the proverbial WE TOLD YOU SO.
The former Democrat Party of America we all knew has proven us right with the censure of the president’s Twitter account and the attacks on those who show favoritism toward Donald Trump’s sympathizers with the help of traitors to the Republican Party and traitors to President Donald Trump.
Traitors like the Bush Crime Family, the McCain family, Mitt Romney, William Barr and many other Republicans who jumped the fence and took sides with the enemy for unknown reasons are guilty of betraying the nation.
There is popular doubt that President Trump had anything to do with the infamous attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021; most of Trump’s followers were there peacefully to support the fact that the election was not all truthful, and they were not there to attack the Capitol or to cause any damage.
If the investigation into the January 6, 2021 event would be conducted truthfully and honestly, it would show that those in the front of the thousands of people there were mainly Democrats, George Soros’s people, Antifas and BLM — or just clearer and simpler, the anti-Trump element trying to avoid exposing the results of the election that took place the previous November.
The Republican Party and real Americans need to wake up and stop being afraid of the Democrat-Communist Party and fight for the benefit and the freedom of this nation.
Republicans who had opened their mouth to attack the leader of their party, the leader of the free world, should be ashamed of their actions and ashamed of themselves.
The new Democrat-Communist Party has already proven its members traitors by turning against the country and by giving up to the enemies of this great nation; now the Republicans have to make up their minds if they are to go down in history as cowards that have humbly taken the loss as a defeat or instead make history by defending the principles and freedom of this nation.
We give credit where credit is due: the Democrats are doing a better job destroying this country than the Republicans are doing defending and saving the country that was once known as the leader of the free world.

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