Biden acts like a dictator

By Alexandra Cohen
Las Vegas Tribune
Even if some people now want to change the truth for personal reasons, it really happened last October that Joe Biden, during an interview with George Stephanopoulos, said: “You can’t legislate by executive action unless you are a dictator.”
If some people want to change the subject now to erase from our minds that we are already under a dictatorship regime, that is their problem, but half the country heard him. One or two persons could be mistaken because they misinterpreted the words or because they are hearing-impaired, but hundreds (or more) of others? We don’t think so.
In just eleven days since his inauguration, the man has signed 40 executive orders and still, according to news reports delivered to us via television, he has a stack of binders next to him ready for signature.
Mr. Biden should make a deal with companies such as Parker Pen, Reynolds International, PaperMate, T. Cross and Fisher Space Pen to send him shipments of millions of pens so he can continue signing those orders. The ones he now has next to him are not going to do the work and he will find himself — like Nancy Pelosi — realizing that none of the pens he picks have dry ink.
He can also order himself a signature rubber stamp; it will be faster to stamp his signature on all the orders he wants to dispatch, and it will be cheaper.
When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, Mr. Biden needs to understand that there are many senior American citizens living in homecare places in need of the vaccine so they don’t have to depart this world ahead of time. But Mr. Biden was thinking first of foreign prisoners detained at Guantanamo Bay Navy Base in Cuba. Thankfully, there are still
people with brains at the Pentagon and that nonsense was postponed. As a good friend of mine, Don Snook, always says, “No offense intended…” but how can a normal person think first of a handful of terrorists that caused the death of hundreds of thousands of American citizens during the September 11, 2001 deadly terrorist attack to the Twin
Towers and the Pentagon, instead of our American seniors that could be anyone’s mom, dad, grandma, sister, etc.?
Jack Dorsey, president and CEO of Twitter, arbitrarily suspended the account of President Donald Trump as well as the ones of the president and CEO of My Pillow and the president and CEO of Goya Hispanic products in an arbitrary action to silent people. We wonder where Mr. Dorsey was when Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) used her Twitter
account to falsely accuse and slam Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) of almost having murdered her during the January 6 riot in the U.S. Capitol.
Falsely accusing someone publicly of murder is against the law and this woman should be put in her place as soon as possible before she causes a real tragedy. Most important, Jack Dorsey should cancel her account for false testimony about a murder.
We all know she has a big mouth; this is the way many barmaids may normally talk, but this time the woman has gone too far.

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