Antifa riot in Tacoma is declared an unlawful assembly, after vandalism

By Perly Viasmensky
Does this sound familiar to Nancy Pelosi? I believe you read and/or listen to the daily news. What happened in Tacoma, Washington on the night of January 24 is the same thing that people suffered during the summer and much worse than the protest to the Capitol that Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats labeled violent.
Antifa activists started a very violent protest because a Tacoma police officer struck two while trying to escape a mob who were attacking his police cruiser. Now that police officer, a 29-year veteran of the department, was placed on leave pending an investigation.
After that incident, Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters showed up and had no intention of a peaceful protest, assaulting civilians who were nearby—they lit fires in the street and blocked traffic. The group of approximately 100 to 150 “peaceful protesters” marched towards the Tacoma Courthouse and the Pierce County Jail. Along their way they vandalized many businesses, shattering windows and painting surfaces with graffiti.
At the courthouse, the rioters smashed in the windows of the building as well as windows of vehicles in the parking lot. Rioters continued to smash windows of businesses.
On television newscasts, a White vehicle with a large Mexican flag was seen circling on the same street. Do we now need to believe that Mexicans became members of Antifa?
These “peaceful protesters” made an unbelievable amount of damage to buildings, stores and vehicles. If memory doesn’t fail me isn’t that the same group that Joe Biden referred to as “just an idea” during a presidential debate with former President Donald Trump?
Nancy Pelosi continues with the insane idea that the Senate will impeach a civilian, because President Trump is no longer president.
This woman doesn’t realize that the more she stretches her skin, the more her brain shrinks.
On the other hand, Joe Biden claims his administration will try to fix America’s evils and speaks of unity. The evils in America are spread
all over, and unity is no longer possible because this country is already divided beyond repair.
Hate is a feeling of repulsion toward someone, with a motive to hurt that someone and to wish only bad and evil things upon them. The hate
Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and their like feel for Donald Trump is so strong that they do not realize they are hurting the whole country.
And both of them call themselves Catholic. That’s not what the Catholic Church teaches. I know because I was born, raised and educated in the Catholic faith.
When you are going to act with so much hate toward another person you need to think twice that it could be like the old saying goes, “A knife to your own neck.” Biden is going to grant a path to citizenship to eleven million illegal aliens already in the United States and he also wants borders open. There are thousands of people waiting in Guatemala to cross over and a new caravan of several thousands more ready to leave El Salvador. Doesn’t Mr. Biden believe that we have enough homeless and unemployed people in this country already?
The ones waiting in Guatemala are saying “Biden is going to save us.” And who is going to save the American people? Cases of coronavirus in the United States already surpass 25 million. Did Mr. Biden stop for one second to think and analyze how many people already infected with the virus are crossing over? Is Mr. Biden planning to have all and every one of those people tested before entering our country?
He doesn’t have enough vaccines for American people, is he going to take our vaccine to the border to make sure more cases are not allowed
here? According to Mr. Biden, covering masks are mandatory; is he going to send a shipment of masks to the border and demand that all
and every one of those entering, including children, will have a mask?
Looking at images of some of the people in the caravan, there are women with babies in strollers and still with babies in their bellies.
Doesn’t Mr. Biden, and most of all Ms. Pelosi, see that our medical personnel cannot handle any more patients yet they’ll be asked to also
manage the maternity wards? Or, do we need to understand that Ms. Pelosi is planning to accommodate them at the parking garage of the
Capitol as she did with members of our National Guard?
There is also Bernie Sanders saying, “We are going to push Biden to the left as much as we can.” This is not a matter of left or right; Biden is already far enough to the left that he doesn’t need any help.
Even Cuba now (and the late Fidel Castro that Sanders prized so highly), has more common sense than all of them together. In Cuba, and due to the many cases of COVID-19, a travel ban is in effect.
Every president of any country in the world has the right to implement his own rules, orders or laws, but a little bit of common sense would help the citizens in general. Just because of the great amount of hate Biden, Pelosi and the rest of their gang feel toward Donald Trump they are letting the safety of American citizens go down the drain.
This is not the right moment to punish Donald Trump by lifting the travel ban from Muslim countries, not because of their Muslim religion (I personally have several Muslim friends and they are all good people), but because of the violent temperament of some of them. Did Mr. Biden forget the September 11 attack? If he has forgotten, he can check with his friend George Bush regarding the impact of that tragedy. We still remember the number of lives lost because of the actions of terrorists, all from Muslim countries—the same terrorists that spent time in the state of Florida attending flight schools without any background check by American authorities.
The minimum pay rate will be raised to $15 an hour without any consideration for the employer as to whether they could afford that under the present lousy economy, which means there will be more layoffs and the unemployment lines will swell even more. For those fighting for so long to achieve that $15-an-hour pay rate, there is also news for them — we wonder if the Culinary Union, especially in Las Vegas, has informed its members that along with that new $15-an-hour pay, they will also now be giving up their tips.
* * * * *
Sarah Huckabee Sanders to run for Governor of Arkansas, at least there is some good news, if not for us here in Nevada, at least for the citizens of the great state of Arkansas.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced her bid to be governor of her state. Her father, former 44th governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, was a
great governor who was highly respected by many, even those outside of the state of Arkansas.
If Sarah follows in the steps of her father, the citizens of Arkansas will have a great governor who will work incessantly for every one of them.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky,
email her at

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