Government employees abuse fellow countrymen

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
It seems like the Division of Welfare and Social Services Office copies the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, or maybe it was vice-versa, but at least they are operating their telephone systems the same way.
The Welfare and Social Services telephone system keeps their callers waiting as long as six hours as it was reported by some to the Las Vegas Tribune.
The recipients received a card in person and were interviewed by an office employee who instructed the recipient that they have to call in to learn the balance they have on their card.
Everything seems normal taking into consideration that people are dealing with government employees that are never wrong and never answer the telephone lines.
People are told to go in person to get a card and a telephone number to call to learn the amount of money they will receive.
Everything seems uncomplicated but it turns complicated when the recipient is told that they have to call in for an interview, but when they call the number no one answers the telephone lines.
Sound familiar? Of course, it is like calling any other government office; it happens when people call the unemployment office, the post office, employment agencies or any other government agency.
The people that work in these offices have the tendency to be rude and arrogant and in many cases, humiliate their fellow citizens in need of some kind of help.
It is unknown why the person that has to walk to the Welfare office to get help has to take two additional steps to get some type of help they need in a hurry.
Perhaps those people working in those government agencies should be aware that someday they might be in the same position as the person sitting in front of them.
The government employees need to remember that the world is round and those who are up today can be down tomorrow and that applies to all—employees, supervisors, and even managers.
The Las Vegas Tribune is going to do a follow up on this issue and make sure that some changes are made in those offices because it is inhuman to have people who are in need of their help to be calling those telephone numbers to only be ignored when they call.
People who work in those offices have to be aware that they’re going to work in those offices as long as they are needed; but when they are no longer needed, they will know when they are being waited on with the last paycheck by their boss.
Union or no union, when the bosses want to get rid of an employee, they find the way to succeed.
There is the case of a Navy veteran who was working in a local resort for fourteen years when his brother died.
This veteran hotel employee who served his country asked for an extra day off to be able to bury his brother, but he was told that if he did not show up to work he would be fired.
He was fired, but later cost that hotel a lot more than they could have imagined after the employee sued the hotel and won.

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