The sad new look for our country

By Perly Viasmensky
I have watched many presidential inaugurations in years past, but never one with so much nonsense as the present one.
Journalists are going to receive bulletproof vests and gas masks in case of a nuclear attack. This is the stupid idea Nancy Pelosi is putting in peoples’ minds. And Trump voters need to be deprogrammed.
Are these people nuts? What do they believe the American people are, prisoners of the system? Deprogramming is to measure claims to assist a person who holds a controversial belief system in changing those beliefs and abandoning allegiance to the religious, political, economic, or social group associated with the belief system. What are they going to do? Put half the country in mental hospitals?
Melania Trump has not invited Jill Biden to a White House tour. What’s the need for the tour? Jill Biden has been to the White House many times before, during the Obama era; she is not going to get lost.
President Trump did not send a letter to Biden. What was he going to say in a letter: “Hey buddy, if you ever go South, stop by Mar-A-Lago to say hello?”
Joe Biden already said he is going to grant legal status to 11 million illegal aliens, but he forgot to mention the 11 million illegal people already in the country. Now, the thousands traveling in the caravan from Honduras that are fighting members of the military in Guatemala have the audacity to come out on camera saying: “You have a new president, and Biden said in his first 100 days we will all be legalized; he is going to take care of all of us, and we are going to cross over.”
Everybody likes a better life and a good job, but the American people have no jobs—half the country is unemployed. How do those people expect Biden to take care of them? Are they going to believe the words of a politician wanting to get to the front of the line? Those people should know better; do they ever see a cent from the foreign aid their own president received that was never shared with his countrymen?
This whole mess is totally unbelievable and very sad that the United States of America, once the pride of the world, in just a couple of months has become the mockery of the universe.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at

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